The Junior Instruction grant program was initiated by the MSGA Board of Directors in April 2016. Funds are dedicated annually to a grant program aimed at developing K-8 golf programs state-wide. Additionally, the board began an annual Trip-of-the-Month raffle project in hopes of raising additional funding for expanded junior golf development.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please click here for more information.

Grantees were contacted by email for their end-of-year grant reports, a requirement as part of their grant application. Below are the comments received.

2021 – Sixth Year Summary

Bonner, MT (Potomac School District) – School Programs – $1,250 grant
“Will be incorporating it into the curriculum very soon”

Bozeman, MT (Cottonwood Hills GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $1,350 grant
“One of our goals was to provide affordable golf resources for our kids and we believe this program will accomplish that. Overall, we feel that this grant was instrumental in helping us achieve our goals for our junior program. We experienced a great amount of growth both in the number of students we served, as well as the variety of programs we offered. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the MSGA to continue growing our junior programs.”

Broadus, MT (Rolling Hills GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $500 grant
“We were able to to get 10 kids into golf that had no exposure to the sport. Approximately 10 kids were in the program last year and they advanced in the game tremendously. In the end of the year tournament we had almost 25 participants. We are continuing to try to get new youth involved in the game of golf.”

Deer Lodge, MT (Deer Park GC) – Junior Golf Equipment – $500 grant
“With funds, we were able to provide 4 new sets of golf clubs and bags for those individuals who otherwise did not have access to equipment necessary to learn golf and to have fun. With such a successful program for 2021 we are hoping to expand this program and reach more kids by promoting this earlier. Our instructor, who also is a passionate golfer, commented that we had a great turnout. The kids learned basic swing and skill techniques, golf rules, and etiquette. She was able to see a vast improvement in the kids’ hitting, chipping, and putting and it was fun to watch their enthusiasm for the game grow each week. They loved getting the chance to get out on the course and play a hole or two at the end of each lesson. Even after the program was over, the kids returned with their families throughout the summer.”

Dillon, MT (Beaverhead GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $500 grant
“Dillon Junior Golf appreciates the support as we continue to grow the program!”

Ekalaka, MT (Lakeview CC) – Clubs/Teaching – $500 grant
“We had tons of new kids this year which was so fun! We worked through the USGA junior kids program. Many were able to work on all the skills and actually pass the beginning book and move onto the next level. I love using these books because they teach each skill; putting, chipping, pitching, sand, irons and driving, and then knowledge and etiquette at the end! The kids love it and learn so much at the same time. I love this grant and hope that it can continue!”

Frenchtown, MT (King Ranch GC) – School Equipment – $400 grant
“I did use my grant money this year, to refresh my Short Golf supplies, new nets, balls, and safety circles were in desperate need of an upgrade. I would see over 600 kids over the course of a week. Every kid got to experience golf. I am passionate about Junior Golf and have created a great base of junior golfers, leaving them mid-season was very hard. I have created something people want to see go on, and I truly hope I can continue with Junior Golf in some capacity at King Ranch in the future.”

Havre, MT (Sunnyside Intermediate School) – SNAG Golf Equipment – $2,000 grant
“We purchased both a coach’s kit and the supplemental kit from SNAG. This will allow us to share the program with our lower age schools and be available for the middle school program.”

Helena, MT (Bill Roberts GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $750 grant
“We were able to hold a very popular junior camp that exceeded our expectations of participants.”

Malta, MT (Marian Hills GC) – Clubs – $500 grant
“This year the Malta High School Golf Head Coach organized and facilitated the entire program. It was thorough and professionally run. The camps were designed for the various age groups and had individualized training for every skill level. They learned the basics of the game and since many of the kids had been to camps in prior years they increased their understanding of the game to play better golf. In July after the camps were completed many of the youth went on to play in the new Junior Golf League. The season ended with a modified youth golf tournament. We used the grant to purchase three left handed youth golf clubs and and golf balls for the camp players – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!”

Shelby, MT (Marias Valley G & CC) – Green Fees – $400 grant
“49 golfers from ages 8-18, played 5 courses in 10 days. They played a total of 149 rounds of golf and we served 195 lunches to the participants and volunteers. Green fees and lunches helped support our local clubs.”

Wibaux, MT (Wibaux County HS) – School PE Program – $1,350 grant
“We will have some community support through an after school program to help teach younger students to golf. The grant opportunity is such an amazing chance for all involved.”

2020 – Fifth Year Summary

Baker, MT (Lakeview CC) – Course Youth Program – $500 grant
Returned funds, not able to use.

Bozeman, MT (Sacajawea Middle School) – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant
“Funds will be used to upgrade clubs, purchase putters and indoor putting aids and equipment, as well as soft foam balls for indoor use. It will reach 170 students. Due to the closure of schools, I was unable to teach the golf unit last spring. I will be teaching it this spring and am excited to include the resources and equipment I have planned from the grant.”

Broadus, MT (Rolling Hills GC) – Youth Golf Equipment – $1,000 grant
“The youth were able to connect with friends, learn the basics of golf, get outdoors and get a bit of exercise during the pandemic. We believe this year was very important for the youth and families to be able to connect in an outdoor setting.”

Columbus, MT (Stillwater GC) – Summer Camp Equipment – $500 grant
“With great coaches at each station and local high school golfers assisting our team the camp was a huge success. Many parents thanked us for having the camp amid the Covid pandemic and raved about the positive interactions their child had.”

Dillon, MT (Beaverhead GC) – Youth Golf Equipment – $500 grant
“Dillon’s “Hook a Kid on Golf” is one of the most successful programs in the state. We appreciate the MSGA and the support for our youth golf program!”

Lewistown, MT (Pine Meadows GC) – Course Youth Program – $750 grant
“The US Kids Golf Player Pathway program that was well received by the 31 youths that attended.”

Livingston, MT (Pine Creek School) – Golf in Schools – $3,000 grant
“We estimate 12 students!”

Pablo, MT (Silver Fox GC) – Course Youth Program – $4,000 grant
“We plan to use the funds for the youth clinic beginning of June 2021. Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to putting on a fantastic youth clinic! “

Scobey, MT (Scobey GC) – Golf Equipment – $500 grant
“Scobey’s local bank donated golf balls for all of the kids involved.”

2019 – Fourth Year Summary

Baker/Ekalaka, MT (Lakeview CC) – Junior Chippers Camp – $500 grant

“We use the USGA kids golf books which have helped us develop skills from year to year and is something so simple that I can send them home with kids in the summer to continue working on skills. We let kindergartners come this year and it was so fun to see the excitement on their faces when the little things clicked! The older campers we really worked on the fundamentals of the game and a lot of short game. I love to start going over course management and though processes when playing, especially if they plan on playing in high school! Overall we try to cover skills while still making the game fun and something they can enjoy for a lifetime!”

Bozeman, MT (Bridger Creek GC) – SNAG Golf Supplies – $700 grant

“Replaced older SNAG equipment.”

Broadus, MT (Rolling Hills GC) – Summer Program Equipment – $1,000 grant

“We achieved education, sportsmanship, physical activity, and more involvement into our community of golfers. The program continues to be a success. The funds donated from the grant program helped with golf supplies, clubs, and cold drinking water for the kids. We are very grateful to have a beautiful nine hole course in our community and we believe by building our youth program the course is set for a path of success in the years to come. Thank you for everything!”

Butte, MT (Butte CC) – SNAG Golf Supplies – $500 grant

“We were able with the MSGA’s help in purchasing some SNAG Golf equipment to help with our younger age groups in our 2 junior camps Butte CC hosts in the summer.”

Dillon, MT (Beaverhead GC) – Dillon Hook a Kid on Golf – $1,000 grant

“Used to purchase clubs and bags for juniors at the first year level.”

Eureka, MT (Indian Springs Ranch GC) – PGA Junior League – $250 grant

“Three up and coming junior players, 1 from each age division, were chosen based on their level of commitment to the game this summer and lack of family funds to compete. They played on the PGA Junior team, one was a freshmen on the newly formed high school team. Golf at the high school level has taken a back seat to football and baseball in small rural communities, so much that we had to reintroduce it as a real sport with new athletes. These 3 juniors were invited to compete at our Chapter Pro-Junior at a facility 5 hours away. Never haven played in an event like this, it was a big deal for them. We used the funds to help them travel to site, spend the night, and get fed, as well as the entry fee. They had an eye opening and exciting experience, hopefully one that can carry on in their golf lives. Since that event, the older junior’s confidence in himself has really risen. He has had 2 hole in ones in the last 2 weeks.”

Fairfield, MT (Harvest Hills GC) – Summer Program Equipment – $1,000 grant

“Clubs and expenses for tournament and travel were expended.”

Forsyth, MT (Forsyth CC) – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

“Purchased junior set and year end golf prizes, food.”

Lewistown, MT (Pine Meadows GC) – Equipment/Simulator – $750 grant

“New junior clubs, drinks and snacks purchased.”

Malta, MT (Marian Hills GC) – Summer Program Equipment – $500 grant

“Malta is a small town, which is shrinking in population. Our number of golf members declines every year. Our goal in having the golf camps for kids is to “grow” our golfers. Many of the kids are not able to have their own golf club. The MSGA grant enabled us to purchase 10 junior golf bags. These golf bags were used in the golf camps. In addition, we loan the bags to any kids who play golf with a parent or adult all season long at no charge. The Malta High School has a golf program for high school age students during the school year, but nothing for younger kids. Also, there are several other sports programs in the summer, but if kids are not in them, golf is a great alternative. Having the golf camps enable kids to have something to do all season long. The golf camps have been conducted for three years. Each year we have more kids involved. We are very proud of our program and appreciate the MSGA grant, it has helped us enhance our program to teach more kids to golf. Thank you so much.”

Missoula, MT (Connor Sproull Golf Academy) – Missoula Junior Golf Tour – $250 grant

“This is my 5th year of running the Missoula Junior Golf Tour and my mail goal since day 1 is to get kids on the golf courses in the Missoula Valley, have them meet other golfers that are of similar age and for them to fall in love with a sport they can play the rest of their life. Each year we have had 65-95 kids play that are ages 7-18. We provide them with breakfast at every event, a collared shirt and hat, golf, lunch, and give out 20 gift certificates at each facility for $15 to spend in the host shop. The money from the MSGA helped pay for the trophies that we had for the top 4 players in each of the 6 flights and the end of the year lunch. I will continue to run this program and try to make it as kid friendly as possible.”

Missoula, MT (Western MT Golf in Schools) – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“Our objective with the WMGIS was to introduce the sport of golf to 2nd-5th graders in the Missoula community. With the help of sponsors, we have been able to introduce 1,225 kids to the game of golf. That nets out to about $4 per player to get the three days of golf in P.E. I’ve done this same program in Shelby, MT, and Lewiston, ID, with great results. Youth introduced to the game of golf between the ages of 8-10 are twice as likely to play as an adult. This is the age group we are focusing on. I have put together a board of directors that includes local business people and golfers. We are just starting and hope to get all 10 elementary schools for the 2019-2020 school year. The key is 75% of the kids introduced were on free or reduced school lunch. Our board made it a priority to start at the lower income schools and give these kids an opportunity to learn our great game.”

Scobey, MT (Scobey GC) – Youth Golf Camp – $750 grant

“Unfortunately, our participation figures were down in 2019 from 2018, mainly due to bad weather on August 12th. However, the number of teams for the Adult/Youth tournament were up from 2018. Our campers ranged in age from 6-12. We were able to provide one-on-one instruction for them in a fund, inviting atmosphere. Most of these youths are repeat campers and we look for them to return next summer.”

Seeley Lake, MT (Double Arrow GC) – Junior Clubs for Camp – $500 grant

“Purchased 3 Cobra Junior Golf Sets.”

St. Ignatius, MT (Mission Valley Junior) – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“Golf in schools program, also included field trip to Polson to play.”

St. Regis, MT (Trestle Creek GC) – Junior Camp Equipment – $500 grant

“We worked on driving, irons, chipping, and putting each day. Each group played down one hole each day at the end of practice. On the final day, we had a 3 team scramble for 4 holes to help learn golf is fun.”

2018 – Third Year Summary

Baker, MT (Lakeview CC) – Junior Chippers Camp – $500 grant

“We use the USGA kids golf books so that each kid is moving at their own pace and is something we can build on year to year. We achieve the fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching, sand, and driving range along with rules and etiquette. We also host a small tournament the last day so that the kids learn how to play the game and have a little competition. I think the grant program does a great job! I personally love the “USGA Kids” program and would recommend it and their clubs to anyone looking to start their own program. The ease of the books makes it great for anyone to be able to teach out of and simple enough for the kids to understand and succeed.”

Billings, MT (Yegen GC) – Yegen Kids Golf Camp – $500 grant

Report is pending.

Black Eagle, MT (Anaconda Hills GC) – Junior Golf Programs – $600 grant

“These programs are certainly a team effort and partnership between the City of Great Falls, MSGA, LPGA Girls Golf, and Girl Scout Montana Wyoming. The total amount of young adults touched by our various golf programs this year totals about 1633 youngsters in the Great Falls community. This extensive programming could not happen without the MSGA’s and LPGA’s Girls Golf generous contributions to our programs.”

Bozeman, MT (Cottonwood Hills GC) – Junior Golf Program – $500 grant

Broadus, MT (Rolling Hills GC) – Junior Golf Program – $500 grant

“We hosted 6 clinics for the junior golfers in the Broadus area. We are wrapping up the year with our 1st annual Rolling Hills Junior Golf Tournament on Sunday 8/5/18. The grant money allowed us to buy prizes and additional golf clubs for the tournament. We are projecting 25 children from Broadus, Baker, Miles City, and Billings to participate in this year’s tournament. We will have four age groups. The funds given to us from MSGA were well used!”

Columbus, MT (Stillwater GC) – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

“Each kid received three days of instruction followed by a tournament the 4th day. They received a tee shirt, tees, ball markers, divot repair tool, daily prizes, lunch and medals for the top three in each flight. Each kid who attends camp also gets a free bucket of range balls each time they come out to the course the entire summer. This year we were able to purchase new chipping nets and three sets of kids clubs. Day 3 – Each group got to go play a few holes on the course with a marker to help them with everything they have learned in the first 2 days. Day 4 – Tournament. Kids are split up based on age/ability and they play the course. Followed by Lunch and Awards. We are getting so many kids who love our camp and love the game of golf that we would like to expand our program. Maybe a program that would last 6 weeks. We definitely have the interest we just need to come up with enough staff/coaches to make it happen.”

Dillon, MT (Beaverhead GC) – Hook a Kid on Golf – $500 grant

“Hook A Kid on Golf (Tee Level (June 4-8), Green Level (June 19-July 31) & Challenge League (June 27-Aug 1). We were able to help purchase the golf clubs and supplies for the kids participating in the Tee Level (1st year) program. We appreciate the support as we continue to grow our youth golf program!”

Ennis, MT (Madison Meadows GC) – Junior Golf Camp & Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“I was able to get 36 kids signed up for this camp. First session was with the younger kids ages 49 years old and the second was ages 10-17. We used the SNAG golf equipment that was purchased a couple of years ago for the younger kids [with previous MSGA golf-in-the-schools grant]. They had a great time using that equipment. We set up different stations to keep the kids entertained and focused on learning a new skill at each station. With the grant money we had received this year I was able to purchase lunches for each day for the kids, and also some larger sets of clubs for the older kids to borrow who did not have clubs of their own. This grant really kick-started a great program that was a huge success and will continue to grow and attract more and more kids to hopefully grow our future high school golf program as well. I will take the SNAG golf equipment to the school this winter and help the PE teacher set it up and do a few golf classes in the gym when it’s too cold to go outside. I was not expecting to have as many kids show up for this camp as I did. I think this will be a great program to keep doing every year, and hopefully keep attracting more and more kids each year to get them introduced to the game of golf in a fun and positive way. I could not have done it this year without the help from the grant, and also the women’s league for helping prepare and serve the lunches. I am looking forward to next summer and seeing how many more kids I can get signed up! I think the grant program is an awesome way to get some golf courses just the little extra boost they need to get their Jr. camp up and running. Golf equipment is expensive and it can be tough to come up with extra money to purchase much-needed items to successfully teach young golfers without them getting discouraged because they are using clubs that don’t fit or are outdated.”

Fairfield, MT (Harvest Hills GC) – Junior Golf Program – $500 grant

“Provided free instruction to the kids in all aspects of the golf game. We had 2.5 hours of instruction every week all summer (Tuesday mornings at 8:00am). We also had additional days when we met and played on the course. Harvest Hills provided Free access to the golf course during my program (June 4- August 10) (Every Tuesday and some playing dates also). That included playing on the course, hitting range balls, and use of the entire facility. In addition, I also was able to work out a deal, with help from your grant, to allow the kids free access to the golf course at ANY time during my programs dates. This means that: kids could go up there with their friends, parents, or by themselves. They checked in at the counter, said they were part of the SSA, and they were allowed to go out and golf for free, any day, as much as they wanted after signing a sheet of who played and when. This way the golf course knew who was in the program and should get free golf.”

Forsyth, MT (Forsyth CC) – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

“We divided the kids into three groups based on age/skill level, and did stations for the first three days of camp. We had full swing, chipping, and putting stations. In full swing we worked mainly on grip, stance, and making good connection with the ball. In chipping, we worked on what clubs to use and stance. In putting, we did circle drills, reading greens, lag putting, and showed them various grip types. By the third day, we did play a few shortened holes depending on their age/skill level. We coached them on etiquette when playing with others, what the different flag colors and sticks mean, where to tee off from tee boxes, and which clubs to use for length of shots. On the last day, we did a short tournament based on skill level. For the older and more experienced kids we let them play their own ball. For the younger and less experienced kids we did a scramble format. We provided prizes for 1st – 3rd in each division (sleeve of golf balls, DQ gift cards, DOTZ stickers). All the kids received a hydro flask and a certificate of participation for joining us during the week. My hope is we can continue this program in the years to come as well as do a junior golf league next year for those kids who want to play more during the summer. It would be a one-day-a-week league with a different game each week to keep it interesting for the kids.”

Frenchtown, MT (King Ranch GC) – New Golf-in-Schools – $1,000 grant

“We are starting a Golf-In-Schools program. I have been in contact with the school and our current week in the curriculum is the second week of January. This will correspond with me sending home information regarding sign up for PGA Jr League at King Ranch. I used my MSGA Grant money to purchase a set of Short Golf Equipment (similar to SNAG). I ran two different events this summer for kids in the Frenchtown area. The first was a 3-day (3 hrs total) for kids ages 4-7 as an introduction to golf with 8 kids. The second was a trial run with the school and working with larger groups. When I worked with the school we had two classes each having 20-25 kids (40-50 total). It gave us a good idea going into the school year how big of class we can operate with the equipment I have. This winter I will see all 600+ kids in Frenchtown Elementary Pre K- 5th. We have discussed adding in a couple of days this fall for smaller classes, but nothing confirmed yet (September 22, 2018). This past season I also had 20 kids sign up for PGA Jr League in our first year or that effort. My goal this upcoming year is 40+ kids in Jr League here at King Ranch.”

Lewistown, MT (Pine Meadows GC) – Junior Golf Program – $500 grant

“We were able to continue to grow and teach the game as well as introduce the game to more junior golfers. Our program started small and took a couple years to build. People are willing to participate in a golf outing/ volunteer to help out junior golf.”

Junior Golf Flourishing in Lewistown –
133 different individuals participated in Pine Meadows Junior League this year. ‘We have documented an increase in participation every year. The numbers just keep increasing, it’s a great thing’ said Keithon Walter. Numbers by the year: 2014 – 14 Individuals; 2015 – 39 Individuals; 2016 – 65 Individuals; 2017 -105 Individuals. Brett Thackeray and Keithon Walter started a junior golf program in 2014 that begins the first Monday in June and goes until the last Monday before school starts in August. The program runs from 9-11 A.M. every Monday throughout the summer. The kids get instruction, full use of the driving range, putting, and chipping greens, as well as use of the golf course and snacks at the end of the day – all free of charge. Fundraisers, donations, and grants helped purchase 11 sets of junior clubs available for juniors all season long. The Program is made possible by the parent volunteers as well as high school golf team members volunteering. It is also funded by generous donations by many individuals, local businesses, Montana State Golf Association, and The Lewistown Elks Lodge that have all donated in fundraising efforts. The Lewistown Elks and Pine Meadows Golf Course have been generous to Lewistown youth golf in donating its facilities as well as providing crucial funding for the Fergus High School golf team. ‘The parents staying and volunteering is always a huge help and greatly appreciated’ said Thackeray. ‘Our main goal is to get kids introduced to golf, learn the game and enjoy the game. It’s truly a game they can enjoy the rest of their lives,’ added Walter.”

Malta, MT (Marian Hills GC) – Junior Golf Camps – $500 grant

“Two golf camps held June 5-7 (26 kids) and July 10-12 (32 kids) for junior boys and girls ages 813. There were very few duplicate participants. Taught the basics of course etiquette, full swing, chipping, and putting. Emphasized making the game fun for future involvement.”

Missoula, MT (Canyon River GC) – New Golf-in-Schools – $1,000 grant

“The plan is to use these funds to purchase equipment for our Golf in Schools Program. I hope to have the equipment purchased by mid October. The program will kick off this fall and run thru the winter months. We also have a Junior Golf Marathon scheduled for 9/27/18 to raise funds to execute the program. We are looking forward to introducing the game, making it fun, and promoting all of its positive attributes to the children of Missoula. I started this same program in Lewiston, Idaho, back in 2011. We introduced 2,400 kids to the game of Golf in a 3-year period.”

Missoula, MT (Missoula CC) – Connor Sproull Golf – $250 grant

“With the grant from the MSGA, we were able to provide a nice lunch and ice cream sundae bar for the 90 kids in the Missoula Junior Golf Tour. We really love the support of the MSGA when it comes to junior golf in Montana. We are trying to make junior golf relevant in Western Montana and the Missoula area and it is a lot easier with the support of the MSGA.”

Missoula, MT (Missoula CC) – PGA Jr League – $250 grant

“The league was 3 weeks of instruction and 5 weeks of competition. This year, we held a MCC league that was at MCC all season. The league was open to outside kids, but mostly made up of member youth. The funds from the MSGA allowed us to have a final event pool party with all of the kids and parents. We fed the kids burgers and dogs, ice cream sandwiches, and they played in the pool. Player development for these kids was super. They learn to enjoy the game, compete, and work as a team. Make the leap. PGA Junior League is the best player develop program available. Thank you so much for the grant!”

Scobey, MT (Scobey GC) – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

“Youth Golf camp held Tuesday and Wednesday, June 26 and 27, 2018. Ages 6 – 9 on Tuesday, and ages 10 – 14 on Wednesday. There were a total of 50 kids involved this year. It was split pretty evenly for each day. We are starting to see more kids on the course, so we are hoping they will continue as young adults. Thank you again for the grant money – we think you are doing a great service for the youth of Montana!”

Seeley Lake, MT (Double Arrow GC) – Junior Golf Program – $200 grant

“I was able to engage the kids and allow them to sharpen their skills in a fun learning environment, while also fostering friendships with their fellow participants. We went over putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, and driver swing, over six different sessions. Each week we grouped up into teams to participate in competitions at the end of the each lesson. The grant money allowed me to feed the kids snacks and drinks to replenish their energy, while also giving the kids an opportunity to socialize in a non-competitive atmosphere in the caddie shack while enjoying snacks and beverages.”

Shelby, MT (Marias Valley GC) – Marias Valley Junior Tour – $500 grant

“I was able to achieve golf for kids in the in between months from all other activities. We were able to transfer knowledge of the game and joy of the game to the kids in a tournament environment. I would suggest that the MSGA be more involved in these programs and have a representative be around to learn what is happening so that other courses and areas can duplicate ideas that have been successful and try to avoid some pitfalls that some of us have already gone through.”

Sidney, MT (Sidney CC) – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“I applied [for an MSGA junior grant] for two reasons this season. 1) I am still instituting a SNAG program in the town’s Elementary PE program, as well as trying to expand to other area towns, such as Fairview, Lambert, Savage, and even Glendive. 2) I offered to run a summer junior program at Plentywood this summer, in addition to the one offered at my course. The Sidney PE program was held in early spring at our local elementary school. The Plentywood summer program was held on Fridays for seven weeks starting, June 1st.
Exposing kids to golf, who don’t often get the chance, and getting them interested early, are the main goals of the school program. Expanding professional instruction to small towns in the area was the goal for the Plentywood program.”

St. Ignatius, MT (Mission Valley Jr Golf Assn) – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“Our plan for fall and winter 2018, and spring 2019: We continue to build on the St. Ignatius program, which in the previous two years was supported by MSGA and again with this grant for the 2018-19 school year. The school district is an enthusiastic supporter of our effort. We are currently coordinating the curriculum for the Middle School gym classes that use the SNAG equipment you helped purchase each year. The actual golf student instruction sessions will be over the coming winter. But already the PE teachers are enthusiastic about having golf as a continuing element for their program. We will again able to introduce the golf swing utilizing snag equipment in the P.E. curriculum. Most, if not all, of the kids in St. Ignatius have never been exposed to golf. There is no golf course there, only elsewhere in the Mission Valley at Ronan and Polson. Last spring, after the winter program learning golf fundamentals in the gym, the middle school golfers were welcomed to Polson Bay Golf Course for a day on the course followed by lunch. The school district bused them up the 30 miles for the on-course day. This was also impactful due to the majority of the kids never having been to a golf course. Our goal has been, and continues to be, to open up the world of golf to all kids. They respond with excitement and enthusiasm. We anticipate the same scenario over this coming winter and spring 2019. The growth of the Polson & Mission Valley Junior Golf programs is being helped, to a considerable degree, by the generosity of the Montana State Golf Association, and our great community support from Polson area service clubs, notable Rotary and the Elks. Kids, who otherwise would not be exposed to golf, are being introduced to the sport because of the great effort, statewide, to promote junior golf. Hopefully, one day, all the schools in the state will have golf integrated into their PE curriculum, as you have helped us do in St. Ignatius. Thank you for investing in the development of current and future junior golfers.”

2017 – Second Year Summary

Baker, MT – Junior Chippers – $500 grant

“Baker is a huge track town so I am trying to change the mindset starting at a younger age! We had huge support as the golf club doesn’t charge us anything to use the facility. I also had another coach, a few adults, and my high school team volunteer to help me run the camp. . . . Our community sure helps us a lot, which is one of many reasons that this camp is becoming so successful! I would love to see more opportunities for our youth to compete, especially on the east side of the state. Other than the junior qualifier, our kiddos are traveling quite a ways to play in a tournament and this is mainly for our high school golfers. I would like to see something grow for our elementary students.”

Bozeman, MT – Wheat Montana Junior Golf Tour – $500 grant

Reported 125-185 participants at each of several tour events.

Broadus, MT – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

“MSGA and board are very much appreciated in Broadus! Plain and simple, our junior club would not have been able to operate without MSGA.”

Columbus, MT – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

Dillon, MT – Hook a Kid on Golf – $1,000 grant

Fairfield, MT – Summer Junior Clinics – $500 grant

“I took 6 and 7 kids to tournaments in Shelby and Conrad during the summer. One female had played in tournaments, but the 6 boys had never played in a tournament, and probably would not ever have, had they not been part of my program. Some of them also used the clubs you purchased.”

Lewistown, MT – Junior Weekly Summer Program – $500 grant

Program averages 38 kids a week (105 total kids, some 1 or 2 weeks).

Malta, MT – 2016 grant still helping support program through equipment purchased

Missoula, MT – PGA Junior League (2) – $500 grant x 2

Plentywood, MT – Summer program and School development – $500 grant

Scobey, MT – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

Shelby, MT – Leavitt Junior Tour – $500 grant

“We ended up with 35 kids that participated in at least one of the events and about doubled our junior lessons by adding the Junior Tour. We were extremely fortunate in our parent support for this tour the first year. We sent an adult with each group to help them with scoring and searching for balls. Because of this support I can see this event being more and more successful.”

Sidney, MT – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“I utilized the SNAG equipment this summer for both the summer junior lesson series at the course, as well as working with the local boys & girls club on a golf clinic. One of the main reasons I wanted to purchase the SNAG equipment was to introduce it into the area schools and their PE programs. Last year we hit over 120 kids in the lower elementary unit and I would look to expand that into upper elementary and surrounding communities. Details for those additional units have not been solidified as I am just wrapping up my busy season at the course and intend to host those lessons during the winter and early spring months.”

St. Regis, MT – Summer Program – $500 grant

“Over the past few years we have had numerous parents in our community trying to build up a Junior Golf Team and activities. I have been offering lessons weekly to build our junior program. Trestle Creek currently provides free golf to kids 14 and under, and each week we have 8-10 kids come with their parents from a radius of about 60 miles. The public schools system in St. Regis had expressed interest and willingness to support junior golf development, and could, in the future. We work very closely with the public school, and coach their High School Golf Team. Our schools Athletic Director and administrators are also willing to help support us in regaining excitement in our golf programs.”

St. Ignatius, MT – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“We have very strong, enthusiastic support from St. Ignatius administrators including the High School Principal and the School District Superintendent. The P.E. teachers at St. Ignatius work with me to teach golf fundamentals in a fun, variable learning environment using games during gym periods with equipment designed for gym use (oversized nerf type balls, extra large club heads, and special gym-friendly tees). Since there is no golf course in St. Ignatius, this is the best way to expose as many kids as possible to the joys of golf, and we also use the SNAG concept in our Polson Middle School program as well. We are continuing to build on this very popular and beneficial program for St. Ignatius kids, nearly all of whom have never touched a golf club before.”

2016 – First Year Summary

Baker, MT – Course Junior Program – $500 grant

“We appreciate all who helped this program succeed. First off, MSGA for the $500 grant to make this program happen. It’s awesome that they are helping fund so many youth golf programs across the state. We had 51 kids, grades Kindergarten through 8th participate this year. Golf camps in Baker in the past have brought on average 15 kids to camp so this was outstanding!! Again, another huge thank you to MSGA!!!! Without your support, we would not have been able to make this happen!!” – Brittani Brence

Billings, MT (Yegen GC) – Course Junior Program – $500 grant

“First and foremost, on behalf of my staff and the juniors in our golf program, we would like to thank the MSGA for their generous donation. Below is the requested information regarding the MSGA Grant I received for my junior golf program at the Yegen Golf Club.
1. We had approximately 300 juniors in our golf program this summer and 30 juniors in our winter series that is about to start up. Age groups of these juniors range from 6-17 years of age.
2. Our big program is an 8-week golf camp that meets twice a week. This camp focuses on skill development as well as sportsmanship, etiquette and rules of golf. The indoor camp is a 10 week program that meets once per week over the winter months. This camp is aimed at keeping kids in golf year round while improving skills and physical fitness.
3. The general age range is 6-17 years old with the majority of our juniors in the 6-12 age range.
4. This is the first outside funding our camp has ever received.
We used the $500 grant to purchase training aids for juniors, which include the orange whip swing trainer, the orange peel, short game targets to improve accuracy, sports cones for drills and the addition of physical fitness into our golf programs.” – Aaron Pohle

Bozeman, MT – Wheat Montana Junior Golf Tour – $500 grant

“The $500 grant that we used for the “Wheat Montana Junior Golf Tour” was well used! The 2016 tour consisted of 6 different tournaments which attracted between 70-100 junior golfers in each, ages 7-17. Off the top of my head I would guess we had a total of between 450-500 junior golfers attend our golf tournaments over the summer.
The funds we received were used in the following ways:
1. Tournament supplies (Jr tee box signs, printing paper, printer ink, labor costs/hired an assistant to help run the tournaments!)
2. Promotional materials (a new website –, brochures that are handed out at 7 different golf courses throughout the Gallatin Valley)
3. Complimentary lunches to all juniors that participate in each tournament
4. Awards (received by those golfers who have outstanding performances/places 13, for each tournament/golf balls & medals; End of year finale – each participant that qualified received a small trophy with places 1-3 receiving larger trophies)
5. Tournament fees paid to each golf course (a discounted rate paid to 7 courses).
We are so grateful for your assistance. We believe that our program provides a huge benefit to junior golfers, making playing golf affordable here in the Gallatin Valley. We have received amazing feedback from parents and junior golfers and are looking forward to growing our program moving forward.” – Matt Clark

Ennis, MT – Golf-in-schools Program – $1000 grant

“First I want to say thank you for the $1000 from the MSGA. Junior Golf is still a top priority in my life and certainly should be for all. I purchased a coaching kit from SNAG golf. It is a great tool for helping young players enjoy the game and retaining those young players. We have been in contact with Brian Hilton (Principal) and Colleen MacNally (PE Instructor) at our local Ennis Schools. Both were very excited about the coaching kit from SNAG golf and will be using it this fall in their PE Program for the younger children in the elementary school. The Madison Meadows GC will also donate course time this fall and next spring to allow the students of the game to see what our golf course really looks like. I will be donating my time, as well as my shop assistant, Joan Schilling, when they come to the golf course. Joan is an excellent worker for us and has over 40 years in education. She is wonderful. With this new SNAG system and the inclusion of the schools I am hopeful we will have a strong few years for Junior Golf in the Madison Valley.” – Patrick Stoltz

Great Falls, MT – Golf-in-schools Program – $500 grant

“Just completed two days of intro to golf at a local elementary school engaging 300 kids age kindergarten through 6th grade.” – Connie Cramer Caouette

Lewistown, MT – Course Junior Program – $500 grant

“I just want to first say thanks to the MSGA for helping our junior golf program. The grant of $500 we received was spectacular. A quick overview of our program, this last summer was our third consecutive summer running the program! Last year we raised some funds through a BBQ, and a golf-a-thon. The first year we had junior golf the turnout was minuscule, after word spread our second summer picked up. We found ourselves needing more youth clubs and did a fundraiser. We run our program from early June until the week before school starts in August. Over the last three years we have had 71 different kids attend and this year we had 62 different kids attending. Also I am in the process of reaching out to our K-8 schools to be involved in a golf program in the spring where I either go to the schools or the gym classes come to the golf course.” – Keithon Walter

Malta, MT – Course Golf Camp & School Outreach – $1000 grant

“We had a great turn out for the first year. We ran the camp for three days and had 14 juniors attend. We instructed them on rules, etiquette, course management, golf basics. We had a former Malta golf standout, Gordon Webb, who won three state titles help. With the clubs we purchased through the grant we have had them used over 30 times this summer for no charge, and in the fall after the camp. We also have three attendees purchase their own clubs and have been out golfing all summer. I feel the first year was a big success and we are planning to expand the camp next summer to include more levels. The PE classes at school will be using the clubs also.” – Lynne Nevrivy

Missoula, MT – Missoula Junior Golf Tour – $500 grant

“I used the funds donated to go towards two scholarships [$350] for underprivileged kids to get into my junior tour I started last year, The Missoula Junior Golf Tour. Entry To the tour is $175 per kid and that includes a shirt and hat, golf at 7 courses, breakfast and lunch at each course, and weekly raffle winners. I used the rest [$150] to help pay for our PGA Junior league pool party. I really appreciate the grant and am really glad the MSGA is focusing a big effort on growing the game. Let me know if I can be of any other help and I really appreciate it.” – Connor Sproull

Scobey, MT – Course Junior Program – $500 grant

“The Scobey Golf Course held a 2 day camp during the summer for 28 students from ages 6 – 14. Each student that was in need of a set of clubs was given a small set for free, appropriate for their age/height/etc. A meal was provided, green fees taken care of, and instructor fees paid for the 2 days. We were able to match the $500 as well as raise a bit extra.
We plan for this to be an annual event. Students who were given a set of clubs were asked to bring them back each year and exchange for a bigger set (when they out-grow the one they have).” – Matt Goettle

Sidney, MT – Golf-in-schools Program – $1000 grant

“The grant was in an effort to purchase SNAG equipment and introduce a unit in my town and the surrounding towns PE classes. I have not yet purchased the equipment as I needed to receive additional funding in order to be able to. I have been approved from those additional sources from a private donor and also from our local Elks club, but am still waiting on the check from one of them. I should be receiving it within the next few weeks and at that time I will purchase the equipment and start making arrangements for times and dates to do a golf unit in the area schools during the winter months. (update) I did get the money raised to purchase the SNAG Equipment. I received shipment of that equipment about a week ago. The weather has held out here pretty well, so I’m still spending most of my time running the course and have not started to get into the schools yet. Once the course closes in a couple weeks, I will start a golf unit with the new equipment at the local elementary. I will use that as a way to iron out the details of the unit to make it a turnkey system for the PE teachers. I expect to reach a minimum of 325 kids just in Sidney alone and then probably another 500 kids in the surrounding schools.” – Ryan Troxel

St. Ignatius, MT – Golf-in-schools Program – $1000 grant

“On the St. Ignatius front I’m going to go down there middle of November to meet with staff and schedule the program. I’m looking at sometime in January, probably a week straight. Also, we are looking into getting the St. Ignatius kids up to the course in the spring. Shawn [St. Ignatius principle Shawn Hendrickson] was very supportive of trying to get them to the course [providing school buses].” – Cameron Milton

[Editor Note regarding St. Ignatius]
There is no golf course in town. The nearest courses are in Ronan (20 miles) and Polson (30 miles). The St. Ignatius golf program will include 106 middle school students, and also approximately 80 high school students taking PE classes, for a total of 186 student exposures to golf. PGA Pro Cameron Milton has scheduled a full-time week at the school complex, so he will be able to work with both middle school and high school PE students, utilizing his golf introduction with SNAG equipment in the gym and on the football field if weather permits.