Junior Program Grants


Application deadline – May 15th each year.

The Montana State Golf Association (MSGA) is proud to offer funding for programs open to the public at Montana golf courses, schools, or community groups to help youth learn the game.

MSGA has resources to help you create youth programs. However, as a 501(c)3 non-profit, none of our grant funds can be used for private individual compensation. Additionally, they cannot be used for “scholarships” or other individual student fees, which would thereby be “income” for the program. All funds must be spent for general program expenses benefiting all participants, such as equipment, free or discounted lunches for all, etc.

This opportunity is open to all MSGA member clubs, individual MSGA members, and Montana schools desiring support for including golf in their physical education curriculum. We want to encourage young people to begin playing golf as a life-long sport that has a very low physical risk and strong, positive reinforcement of personal values, courtesy, and honorable behavior.

We want to help start or expand programs that will grow over time. For example, the concept should not be envisioned as a one-shot summer golf camp, but one that could be an annually repeating endeavor. Grants may be annually renewable depending on funding resources. The ideal program will use matching funds from other sources such as civic clubs, golf clubs, and local associations. This will bring in more broad-based community support.

For example: Do you need funding to buy junior golf clubs for your beginner classes or a “Golf-in-the-Schools” program? Funds can be used for specialized teaching tools and equipment for children such as that offered by snaggolf.com. Are there other ways we can help you introduce K-8th graders to golf? MSGA will consider all requests, so think about your infrastructure needs to introduce kids to golf.

IMPORTANT: If you receive a grant, you are required to provide documentation at the end of your program about how you used the money, with some details of what you accomplished, such as the number of participants, activities, etc. Any pictures from the program are welcome and may be used on our website or other marketing materials. This separate “after-action” report is available below.



If you have problems submitting either of these online forms, please contact us and we will send you the hard copy to print and mail.