Play Golf for $5 or less at participating courses!

Youth ages 6-18 are eligible to join Youth on Course for an annual membership fee of $15, which entitles members to play at participating courses in Montana and over 1,100 courses throughout the United States and Canada for $5 or less per round. By registering below, you will also receive a FREE MSGA Junior Membership, with full membership benefits, including a Handicap Index®.

Step 1: Register for Youth on Course

Sign up for your membership, using the link below. If you are already an MSGA member, please enter your GHIN® # when prompted. Your GHIN® # will also be your Youth on Course Member #. If you don’t know your GHIN® #, please contact us for help.


Step 2: Complete the Youth on Course online curriculum

After you have registered, you will receive an email with instructions about how to complete the online curriculum. This gives you basic knowledge of golf etiquette to make you course ready! It takes only about 15-20 minutes to complete. You can also access it here.

Step 3: Get your Youth on Course membership card

After you have registered and completed the online curriculum, you will receive your official digital membership card. You will need to show your membership card to play at participating courses. If you would like to begin playing right away, click here to print from the Youth on Course website.

Step 4: Go play!

Simply show your membership card at participating courses and play golf for $5 or less! You can play as many times as you like. Please call ahead to verify availability and schedule a tee time!

Participating Courses in Montana (and growing!) – To view all participating courses in the United States and Canada, click here.

Beaver Creek Golf Course Havre, MT (406) 265-4201 Rate: $5 Anytime (except W/Th before 2pm)
Beaverhead Golf Course Dillon, MT (406) 683-9933 Rate: $5 Anytime, tee time req’d
(under 11 accompanied by adult)
Cabinet View Golf Club Libby, MT (406) 293-7332 Rate: $5 Anytime
Canyon River Golf Club Missoula, MT (406) 721-0222 Rate: $5 Every day after 3pm
Cottonwood Hills Golf Club Bozeman, MT (406) 587-1118 Rate: $5 Anytime
Exchange City Par 3 Golf Course Billings, MT (406) 652-2553 Rate: $3 (9), $5 (18) Anytime (except W/Th mornings)
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Golf Course Anaconda, MT (406) 797-3000 Rate: $3 (9), $5 (18) Every day after 12 pm
(under 14 accompanied by adult)
Headwaters Golf Course Three Forks, MT (406) 285-3700 Rate: $5 M-Th Anytime; F-Su After 2
Jawbone Creek Country Club Harlowton, MT (406) 632-4206 Rate: $5 Anytime (except W/Th evenings)
King Ranch Golf Course Frenchtown, MT (406) 626-4000 Rate: $5 Anytime
Madison Meadows Golf Course Ennis, MT (406) 682-7468 Rate: $5 Anytime
Old Works Golf Course Anaconda, MT (406) 563-5989 Rate: $5 Every day after 4pm, with tee time
Little Bear Course, Anytime
Overland Golf Course Big Timber, MT (406) 932-4297 Rate: $5 Anytime
Pine Meadows Golf Course Lewistown, MT (406) 538-7075 Rate: $5 Anytime
Polson Bay Golf Course – Olde 9 Polson, MT (406) 883-8230 Rate: $5 Olde 9, Anytime
Stillwater Golf Course Columbus, MT (406) 322-4298 Rate: $5 Weekdays w/tee time
University of Montana Golf Course Missoula, MT (406) 728-8629 Rate: $5 Monday-Thursday, Anytime

If you know of a course that is interested in becoming a Youth on Course partner, please contact us.

For more information about Youth on Course, and for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit