I’m the new pro/handicap chairman. What do I need to know about the handicap software?
Please contact us for more information about the handicap system. An online demonstration can be give to you and your staff at your convenience.

How do we move the handicap software to a different computer?
The handicap system is completely online. We have loaded icons to your desktop, with links to the network. You will need to move the links and corresponding folder to the new computer. Please contact us if you need help, and we would be glad to assist you.

How do we order more plastic handicap cards and/or rolls of labels?
The plastic handicap cards and labels are provided at no extra charge by the Montana State Golf Association. To order additional supplies, please contact us and we will mail them to you as soon as possible. It’s best to periodically check your supplies so that you are not completely out and waiting for them to arrive.

We can’t log in to Administration, and we haven’t changed the password.
You may have accidentally marked the Administration login as “inactive”. You will need to contact us in order to reactivate it. In the future, be sure the “Admin, Club” name on the golfer roster is left “Active”. It is listed in the “Staff” category, so you will not be invoiced for it.

What is the Staff category for?
There should only be one entry in the Staff category…the Administration (or Admin, Club) login. It is marked as “Staff” so that it won’t be included in your invoices or display on your reports. The staff members at your club or in your pro shop should be in the appropriate category (Men, Women, etc..).

How do I mark a golfer as a Junior?
The MSGA provides junior nemberships at no charge to the clubs. However, they need to be in the appropriate category to exclude them from your invoice. On the Member Roster, use the drop-down window to move the junior to either the Junior Boys or Junior Girls category. A birthdate is required. At the beginning of each season, please be sure to check your Member Roster report (which can be sorted by category) for any in these categories. If they have turned 18 years old, they will need to be moved to the Men or Women category.

How do we find the login information for a member who wants to use the online system?
In the Administration program, under Club, Member Roster, find the name of the member. Hover your mouse over the key icon and choose “E-mail Password to User”. You can also locate it in the member’s profile, or by hovering the mouse over the last name.

How do we transfer a golfer to our course?
The handicap system does not allow club administrators to transfer golfers from one course to another. Please contact us and we’ll be glad to assist you. Any requests coming from members are verified first with the course.

Can we link a golfer’s MSGA membership to his membership with another association?
Yes, but only if the association is a member of the International Golf Network (IGN). A list of their member associations can be found at http://www.ign.net. When the memberships are linked, a score posted at one association will be automatically routed back to the other. Please contact us and we’ll help you set up the link.

How do I explain to a member how his or her handicap is being computed?
A useful tool can be found in the Member Roster. Find the member’s name and hover the mouse over the “blue-book” icon. Choose “Golfer Score Report”. This report can be printed and given to the member. It gives a brief outline of scores being used in the calculation, and also provides information about tournament score reduction (if an “R” appears next to the handicap index).

Where do I edit our mailing address, club information, or scorecard information?
-Your mailing address (where we correspond with you) is located in your CLUB profile, Club, Manage Club, Pencil icon. Be sure to save any changes. * If you make changes to your mailing address or primary contact e-mail address, please also let us know. *
-Your course information (that displays when your course is searched via this website) can be edited in your COURSE profile, Manage Course, Pencil icon. Be sure to put your PHYSICAL ADDRESS, as this is used when providing a Google Map of your course. Other information can be added here and is a great tool to help advertise your course. Don’t forget to save your changes!
-Your online scorecard should be accurate and complete, as adjusting hole-by-hole scores and other functions use this information. In CLUB, Manage Club, click on the yellow icon. Please be sure that all yardages, pars, and per-hole handicaps are filled out, and that you save any changes.
If you are having problems editing, we’d be glad to help.

We are having trouble printing a report.
When printing a report from the Administration program (Reports section), care should be taken to use the correct method. Because the system is web based, it is different than a conventional program loaded on to your hard drive. Once you select your report criteria, click on View Report. It is opened as a PDF file, which can be printed using the print functions at the bottom of the page. DO NOT click on the Print button from the browser window at the top of your screen.

Our screens aren’t functioning correctly.
You might be having browser compatibility problems with your screen. We recommend using Google Chrome, both for the Kiosk and Administration programs. There are few, if any, viewing problems as compared to some versions of Internet Explorer. It is a free download if you do not already have it. If you are using Internet Explorer, try clicking on the “ripped paper” symbol, usually located just to the right of the URL address window. You could also try hitting F5, or CTRL F5, on your keyboard. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

Our handicap system is running very slowly.
There could be many reasons why this is happening. First, check that your antivirus system is set to do updates during off-hours, or slower times of the day. Also, a Point of Sale system may be trying to upload or download information. We recommend a broadband internet, or DSL, connected by a cable. Using a wireless connection can slow down some screens, and a satellite service can be very slow at times. Sometimes internet connections are limited and can’t be changed. An off-line Kiosk mode is available for slower systems, so that if the connection is temporarily lost, it can still be usable. Please contact us if this is your situation. The handicap system is NOT compatible with dial-up internet! If your system is unusually slow, and nothing will remedy the problem, please contact us and we’ll have our technical support team help you.

How can we get a copy of the Tournament Software?
The Tournament Software package is available to all MSGA Member Courses at no additional charge. It is integrated with the Handicap System, so it can download member information and post scores when the tournament is completed. The software is downloaded directly onto your computer remotely by our Customer Service department and training videos are also available. It is compatible with Windows-based computers, but not supported with Macs. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Where can we send information to be included in the MSGA E-Newsletter?
Information about your course, interesting tidbits, announcements, funny stories, and so on, can be directed to our Newsletter Editor at nick@msgagolf.org.

When does the MSGA take counts for billing?
A count is taken of all active members in your roster on July 1st. A second count is taken on October 1st, which accounts for any new or reactivated members after the first count.

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