2024 Rules of Handicapping – Includes Handicap Committee Guide (PDF)
Handicap Committee Guide Overview Presentation
Club Authorization – Suggestions For Recruiting and Sustaining Members


2024 WHS™ Education for Club Administrators
Summary of Key WHS Changes 2024 (PDF)
World Handicap System – Additional Education


Online Player Reference Guide – Helpful to new players
Breaking Down the PCC (PDF)
Net Double Bogey – Maximum Hole Score (PDF)
WHS Safeguards (PDF)
How to Use Your Handicap Index (PDF)


2024 Rules of Handicapping
2024 Player Reference Guide
2023 Rules of GolfNote: The USGA recommends using the USGA Rules of Golf app instead of the paper copy, if possible.
2023 Official Guide to the Rules of Golf
Avengers: Junior Golf Guide
Avengers: Junior Golf Guide, Teacher’s Edition


Rules of Amateur Status Infographic (PDF)
USGA Reference Page – Rules of Amateur Status
Rules of Amateur Status Guidance Notes (PDF)


I’m the new pro/manager for my club. What do I need to know about the GHIN® handicap software?
Please contact us for more information about the GHIN® software. We will help you set up your Administration login and online training can be given to you and your staff at your convenience.

I’m the new Handicap Chairperson for my club. What do I need to know?
Please contact us and we will update you about what tasks need to be completed for the season, including a USGA Club Assessment and MSGA Handicap Committee Checklist. You will also benefit from reading the Handicap Committee Guide and Rules of Handicapping, both located on this page, along with other resources.

How do we set up a member to use the GHIN® app or online system at ghin.com?
In the Admin Portal, find the member’s name and click on it. Click the “Account” tab, and verify that there is a current email address in their record. If not, click “Edit” to update. Then, in the “Digital Profile Information” section, click “Send Invitation to Create a Digital Profile”. If there are any problems, contact us for assistance. Members can also contact us directly at support@msgagolf.org.

How do we transfer a golfer to our course?
First, you will need the golfer’s GHIN®#. If you don’t know it, you can search in the Admin Portal at the top right of the screen (red magnifying glass). Filter by association, if you know it. Once you have the correct #, click on “Add Golfer”, then “Search for existing golfer”. Enter the GHIN®# and follow the prompts. If the golfer is active at the previous club, it is up to that club to mark him inactive. Once the golfer has been added, click on the “Account” tab, then “Club Memberships”, and change the home club, if needed.

Can we link a golfer’s MSGA membership to his membership with another association?
Yes. Most associations use GHIN® handicap software. If you are adding the golfer to your roster, use the same GHIN®# they are using at the other association. They will share that GHIN®# and score record between their association memberships. If they are already on your roster and have two GHIN®#s, contact us and we’ll help you merge the records into one. If the other association does not use GHIN®, we can link through another service. It’s important to remember that the association membership(s) include more than just a Handicap Index®. The membership fee helps support all functions of that association. Educating members about this will help clear up any confusion as to why both memberships should be kept.

How do we mark a golfer as a Junior?
The MSGA provides Junior memberships for kids 18 and under at no charge to the clubs. However, they need to be in the appropriate category to exclude them from your invoice. In your member roster, check the box to the left of the member’s name, then “Change Membership Type”. Use the drop-down window to change to the J-Junior Membership category. A birth date is required. When adding new, be sure to choose the J-Junior Membership category. At the beginning of each season, please check your member roster for any juniors that have turned 19 years old, and change them to the R-Regular Membership category.

How do we print a report?
When logged in to Admin Portal, click the “Reports” tab, then click the “Templates” tab. There are many common reports listed that can be printed or scheduled for delivery to an email. The “My Reports” tab will list any scheduled or saved reports. If you are having trouble or do not see a report that you need, please contact us for assistance.

Can we print handicap labels or cards?
The GHIN® system has phased out printing labels from the club kiosk. The change to daily revisions made this impractical. Handicap Indexes can be verified when logged in to GHIN® or in the Admin Portal. If members need a printed handicap card, they can do so when logged in at ghin.com or in the GHIN® app. If they need assistance, please have them contact us at support@msgagolf.org.

How do we move the handicap software to a different computer?
The GHIN® software is completely online. You can access GHIN® Administration at adminportal.usga.org. For easier access, you can set up a shortcut on your computer desktop using that URL address. Please contact us if you need help, and we would be glad to assist you.

How do we explain to a member how his or her Handicap Index® is being computed?
There are many resources at usga.org/whs that explain how a Handicap Index® is calculated, along with soft and hard caps, playing conditions calculation (PCC), and exceptional score reduction (ESR). If you have a questions, you can contact us for assistance. Members can also contact us directly at support@msgagolf.org.

How can we get a copy of the Tournament Software?
The Golf Genius Tournament Software package is available to MSGA Member Clubs at no additional charge. It is integrated with GHIN®, so it can import member information and post scores when the tournament is completed. The software is browser based, so no download is needed and can be accessed from any computer. There is a charge to upgrade to the Premium version, which includes live scoring from an app and advanced online registration payment options. Please contact us if you would like to use the software or upgrade.

When does the MSGA take counts for billing?
A count is taken of all active members in your roster on June 1st. A second count is taken on October 1st, which accounts for any new or reactivated members after the first count.

How do we enable online registration and renewals for our members and how do we collect the money?
Clubs enabling this feature allow their members to sign up through our website at msgagolf.org/join-the-msga. The money is received into our merchant account. You can monitor these transactions within the software. Then, on your 6/1 and 10/1 invoice, you will receive a credit for any money we have collected on your behalf, along with a detailed report. If you are interested in enabling this feature, please contact us and we’ll set you up. It’s best to do this early in the year, before golfers start renewing for the season. But, we can also set you up any time.

Where do we edit our mailing address, club information, or scorecard information?
-Your mailing address (where we correspond with you) is located in the Admin Portal “Account” tab. You can edit the mailing address and billing address, but please leave the primary address as the physical location because this is used for a map. IMPORTANT: If you make any changes in this area, please also let us know so that we can update our other records.
-Your course information (that displays when your course is searched via this website), such as picture or website address, is located at msgagolf.org/course-search and edited on our side. Please let us know of any changes and we will update it for you.
-Your online scorecard on our website is copied from the USGA Course Rating system and has your current data. If your stroke allocations (hole handicaps), yardage, or par has changed, or if something is not correct, please let us know so that we can make any corrections or updates in the system, or issue a revised course rating.

How do we request a new course rating?
For more information about the course rating process, please go to msgagolf.org/course-rating.

Where can we send information to be included in the MSGA E-Newsletter?
Information about your course, interesting tidbits, announcements, funny stories, and so on, can be sent to emily@msgagolf.org.

Our system is running very slowly.
There could be many reasons why this is happening. First, check that your antivirus system is set to do updates during off-hours, or slower times of the day. Also, a Point of Sale system may be trying to upload or download information. We recommend broadband internet or DSL (not dial-up), connected by a cable. Using a wireless connection can slow down some screens, and a satellite service can also be very slow at times. Sometimes internet connections are limited and can’t be changed, so patience is needed. If your system is unusually slow, and nothing will remedy the problem, please contact a local computer technician to assist you. If your equipment is old, it may be time for an upgrade.

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