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2017 – Second Year Summary

Baker, MT – Junior Chippers – $500 grant

“Baker is a huge track town so I am trying to change the mindset starting at a younger age! We had huge support as the golf club doesn’t charge us anything to use the facility. I also had another coach, a few adults, and my high school team volunteer to help me run the camp. . . . Our community sure helps us a lot, which is one of many reasons that this camp is becoming so successful! I would love to see more opportunities for our youth to compete, especially on the east side of the state. Other than the junior qualifier, our kiddos are traveling quite a ways to play in a tournament and this is mainly for our high school golfers. I would like to see something grow for our elementary students.”

Bozeman, MT – Wheat Montana Junior Golf Tour – $500 grant

Reported 125-185 participants at each of several tour events.

Broadus, MT – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

“MSGA and board are very much appreciated in Broadus! Plain and simple, our junior club would not have been able to operate without MSGA.”

Columbus, MT – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

Dillon, MT – Hook a Kid on Golf – $1,000 grant

Fairfield, MT – Summer Junior Clinics – $500 grant

“I took 6 and 7 kids to tournaments in Shelby and Conrad during the summer. One female had played in tournaments, but the 6 boys had never played in a tournament, and probably would not ever have, had they not been part of my program. Some of them also used the clubs you purchased.”

Lewistown, MT – Junior Weekly Summer Program – $500 grant

Program averages 38 kids a week (105 total kids, some 1 or 2 weeks).

Malta, MT – 2016 grant still helping support program through equipment purchased

Missoula, MT – PGA Junior League (2) – $500 grant x 2

Plentywood, MT – Summer program and School development – $500 grant

Scobey, MT – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

Shelby, MT – Leavitt Junior Tour – $500 grant

“We ended up with 35 kids that participated in at least one of the events and about doubled our junior lessons by adding the Junior Tour. We were extremely fortunate in our parent support for this tour the first year. We sent an adult with each group to help them with scoring and searching for balls. Because of this support I can see this event being more and more successful.”

Sidney, MT – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“I utilized the SNAG equipment this summer for both the summer junior lesson series at the course, as well as working with the local boys & girls club on a golf clinic. One of the main reasons I wanted to purchase the SNAG equipment was to introduce it into the area schools and their PE programs. Last year we hit over 120 kids in the lower elementary unit and I would look to expand that into upper elementary and surrounding communities. Details for those additional units have not been solidified as I am just wrapping up my busy season at the course and intend to host those lessons during the winter and early spring months.”

St. Regis, MT – Summer Program – $500 grant

“Over the past few years we have had numerous parents in our community trying to build up a Junior Golf Team and activities. I have been offering lessons weekly to build our junior program. Trestle Creek currently provides free golf to kids 14 and under, and each week we have 8-10 kids come with their parents from a radius of about 60 miles. The public schools system in St. Regis had expressed interest and willingness to support junior golf development, and could, in the future. We work very closely with the public school, and coach their High School Golf Team. Our schools Athletic Director and administrators are also willing to help support us in regaining excitement in our golf programs.”

St. Ignatius, MT – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“We have very strong, enthusiastic support from St. Ignatius administrators including the High School Principal and the School District Superintendent. The P.E. teachers at St. Ignatius work with me to teach golf fundamentals in a fun, variable learning environment using games during gym periods with equipment designed for gym use (oversized nerf type balls, extra large club heads, and special gym-friendly tees). Since there is no golf course in St. Ignatius, this is the best way to expose as many kids as possible to the joys of golf, and we also use the SNAG concept in our Polson Middle School program as well. We are continuing to build on this very popular and beneficial program for St. Ignatius kids, nearly all of whom have never touched a golf club before.”