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2019 – Fourth Year Summary

Baker/Ekalaka, MT (Lakeview CC) – Junior Chippers Camp – $500 grant

“We use the USGA kids golf books which have helped us develop skills from year to year and is something so simple that I can send them home with kids in the summer to continue working on skills. We let kindergartners come this year and it was so fun to see the excitement on their faces when the little things clicked! The older campers we really worked on the fundamentals of the game and a lot of short game. I love to start going over course management and though processes when playing, especially if they plan on playing in high school! Overall we try to cover skills while still making the game fun and something they can enjoy for a lifetime!”

Bozeman, MT (Bridger Creek GC) – SNAG Golf Supplies – $700 grant

“Replaced older SNAG equipment.”

Broadus, MT (Rolling Hills GC) – Summer Program Equipment – $1,000 grant

“We achieved education, sportsmanship, physical activity, and more involvement into our community of golfers. The program continues to be a success. The funds donated from the grant program helped with golf supplies, clubs, and cold drinking water for the kids. We are very grateful to have a beautiful nine hole course in our community and we believe by building our youth program the course is set for a path of success in the years to come. Thank you for everything!”

Butte, MT (Butte CC) – SNAG Golf Supplies – $500 grant

“We were able with the MSGA’s help in purchasing some SNAG Golf equipment to help with our younger age groups in our 2 junior camps Butte CC hosts in the summer.”

Dillon, MT (Beaverhead GC) – Dillon Hook a Kid on Golf – $1,000 grant

“Used to purchase clubs and bags for juniors at the first year level.”

Eureka, MT (Indian Springs Ranch GC) – PGA Junior League – $250 grant

“Three up and coming junior players, 1 from each age division, were chosen based on their level of commitment to the game this summer and lack of family funds to compete. They played on the PGA Junior team, one was a freshmen on the newly formed high school team. Golf at the high school level has taken a back seat to football and baseball in small rural communities, so much that we had to reintroduce it as a real sport with new athletes. These 3 juniors were invited to compete at our Chapter Pro-Junior at a facility 5 hours away. Never haven played in an event like this, it was a big deal for them. We used the funds to help them travel to site, spend the night, and get fed, as well as the entry fee. They had an eye opening and exciting experience, hopefully one that can carry on in their golf lives. Since that event, the older junior’s confidence in himself has really risen. He has had 2 hole in ones in the last 2 weeks.”

Fairfield, MT (Harvest Hills GC) – Summer Program Equipment – $1,000 grant

“Clubs and expenses for tournament and travel were expended.”

Forsyth, MT (Forsyth CC) – Junior Golf Camp – $500 grant

“Purchased junior set and year end golf prizes, food.”

Lewistown, MT (Pine Meadows GC) – Equipment/Simulator – $750 grant

“New junior clubs, drinks and snacks purchased.”

Malta, MT (Marian Hills GC) – Summer Program Equipment – $500 grant

“Malta is a small town, which is shrinking in population. Our number of golf members declines every year. Our goal in having the golf camps for kids is to “grow” our golfers. Many of the kids are not able to have their own golf club. The MSGA grant enabled us to purchase 10 junior golf bags. These golf bags were used in the golf camps. In addition, we loan the bags to any kids who play golf with a parent or adult all season long at no charge. The Malta High School has a golf program for high school age students during the school year, but nothing for younger kids. Also, there are several other sports programs in the summer, but if kids are not in them, golf is a great alternative. Having the golf camps enable kids to have something to do all season long. The golf camps have been conducted for three years. Each year we have more kids involved. We are very proud of our program and appreciate the MSGA grant, it has helped us enhance our program to teach more kids to golf. Thank you so much.”

Missoula, MT (Connor Sproull Golf Academy) – Missoula Junior Golf Tour – $250 grant

“This is my 5th year of running the Missoula Junior Golf Tour and my mail goal since day 1 is to get kids on the golf courses in the Missoula Valley, have them meet other golfers that are of similar age and for them to fall in love with a sport they can play the rest of their life. Each year we have had 65-95 kids play that are ages 7-18. We provide them with breakfast at every event, a collared shirt and hat, golf, lunch, and give out 20 gift certificates at each facility for $15 to spend in the host shop. The money from the MSGA helped pay for the trophies that we had for the top 4 players in each of the 6 flights and the end of the year lunch. I will continue to run this program and try to make it as kid friendly as possible.”

Missoula, MT (Western MT Golf in Schools) – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“Our objective with the WMGIS was to introduce the sport of golf to 2nd-5th graders in the Missoula community. With the help of sponsors, we have been able to introduce 1,225 kids to the game of golf. That nets out to about $4 per player to get the three days of golf in P.E. I’ve done this same program in Shelby, MT, and Lewiston, ID, with great results. Youth introduced to the game of golf between the ages of 8-10 are twice as likely to play as an adult. This is the age group we are focusing on. I have put together a board of directors that includes local business people and golfers. We are just starting and hope to get all 10 elementary schools for the 2019-2020 school year. The key is 75% of the kids introduced were on free or reduced school lunch. Our board made it a priority to start at the lower income schools and give these kids an opportunity to learn our great game.”

Scobey, MT (Scobey GC) – Youth Golf Camp – $750 grant

“Unfortunately, our participation figures were down in 2019 from 2018, mainly due to bad weather on August 12th. However, the number of teams for the Adult/Youth tournament were up from 2018. Our campers ranged in age from 6-12. We were able to provide one-on-one instruction for them in a fund, inviting atmosphere. Most of these youths are repeat campers and we look for them to return next summer.”

Seeley Lake, MT (Double Arrow GC) – Junior Clubs for Camp – $500 grant

“Purchased 3 Cobra Junior Golf Sets.”

St. Ignatius, MT (Mission Valley Junior) – Golf in Schools – $1,000 grant

“Golf in schools program, also included field trip to Polson to play.”

St. Regis, MT (Trestle Creek GC) – Junior Camp Equipment – $500 grant

“We worked on driving, irons, chipping, and putting each day. Each group played down one hole each day at the end of practice. On the final day, we had a 3 team scramble for 4 holes to help learn golf is fun.”