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2021 – Sixth Year Summary

Bonner, MT (Potomac School District) – School Programs – $1,250 grant
“Will be incorporating it into the curriculum very soon”

Bozeman, MT (Cottonwood Hills GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $1,350 grant
“One of our goals was to provide affordable golf resources for our kids and we believe this program will accomplish that. Overall, we feel that this grant was instrumental in helping us achieve our goals for our junior program. We experienced a great amount of growth both in the number of students we served, as well as the variety of programs we offered. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the MSGA to continue growing our junior programs.”

Broadus, MT (Rolling Hills GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $500 grant
“We were able to to get 10 kids into golf that had no exposure to the sport. Approximately 10 kids were in the program last year and they advanced in the game tremendously. In the end of the year tournament we had almost 25 participants. We are continuing to try to get new youth involved in the game of golf.”

Deer Lodge, MT (Deer Park GC) – Junior Golf Equipment – $500 grant
“With funds, we were able to provide 4 new sets of golf clubs and bags for those individuals who otherwise did not have access to equipment necessary to learn golf and to have fun. With such a successful program for 2021 we are hoping to expand this program and reach more kids by promoting this earlier. Our instructor, who also is a passionate golfer, commented that we had a great turnout. The kids learned basic swing and skill techniques, golf rules, and etiquette. She was able to see a vast improvement in the kids’ hitting, chipping, and putting and it was fun to watch their enthusiasm for the game grow each week. They loved getting the chance to get out on the course and play a hole or two at the end of each lesson. Even after the program was over, the kids returned with their families throughout the summer.”

Dillon, MT (Beaverhead GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $500 grant
“Dillon Junior Golf appreciates the support as we continue to grow the program!”

Ekalaka, MT (Lakeview CC) – Clubs/Teaching – $500 grant
“We had tons of new kids this year which was so fun! We worked through the USGA junior kids program. Many were able to work on all the skills and actually pass the beginning book and move onto the next level. I love using these books because they teach each skill; putting, chipping, pitching, sand, irons and driving, and then knowledge and etiquette at the end! The kids love it and learn so much at the same time. I love this grant and hope that it can continue!”

Frenchtown, MT (King Ranch GC) – School Equipment – $400 grant
“I did use my grant money this year, to refresh my Short Golf supplies, new nets, balls, and safety circles were in desperate need of an upgrade. I would see over 600 kids over the course of a week. Every kid got to experience golf. I am passionate about Junior Golf and have created a great base of junior golfers, leaving them mid-season was very hard. I have created something people want to see go on, and I truly hope I can continue with Junior Golf in some capacity at King Ranch in the future.”

Havre, MT (Sunnyside Intermediate School) – SNAG Golf Equipment – $2,000 grant
“We purchased both a coach’s kit and the supplemental kit from SNAG. This will allow us to share the program with our lower age schools and be available for the middle school program.”

Helena, MT (Bill Roberts GC) – Junior Program Equipment – $750 grant
“We were able to hold a very popular junior camp that exceeded our expectations of participants.”

Malta, MT (Marian Hills GC) – Clubs – $500 grant
“This year the Malta High School Golf Head Coach organized and facilitated the entire program. It was thorough and professionally run. The camps were designed for the various age groups and had individualized training for every skill level. They learned the basics of the game and since many of the kids had been to camps in prior years they increased their understanding of the game to play better golf. In July after the camps were completed many of the youth went on to play in the new Junior Golf League. The season ended with a modified youth golf tournament. We used the grant to purchase three left handed youth golf clubs and and golf balls for the camp players – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!”

Shelby, MT (Marias Valley G & CC) – Green Fees – $400 grant
“49 golfers from ages 8-18, played 5 courses in 10 days. They played a total of 149 rounds of golf and we served 195 lunches to the participants and volunteers. Green fees and lunches helped support our local clubs.”

Wibaux, MT (Wibaux County HS) – School PE Program – $1,350 grant
“We will have some community support through an after school program to help teach younger students to golf. The grant opportunity is such an amazing chance for all involved.”

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