The Junior Instruction grant program was initiated by the MSGA Board of Directors in April 2016. Funds are dedicated annually to a grant program aimed at developing K-8 golf programs state-wide. Additionally, the board began an annual Trip-of-the-Month raffle project in hopes of raising additional funding for expanded junior golf development.

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Grantees were contacted by email for their end-of-year grant reports, a requirement as part of their grant application. Below are the comments received.

2022 – Seventh Year Summary

Wolf Point, MT (Airport Golf Club) – 7th & 8th grade golf team
We were able to purchase four new sets of clubs, along with many training aids to help support our junior golf program. The Poplar Middle School is extremely grateful for this opportunity, and are looking forward to using the equipment in the upcoming season.

Denton, MT (Denton School) – K-8 PE Golf Program
We are implementing the SNAG Program into our Physical Education Program at Denton Public Schools, grades K-8 for the 2022-23 School year and beyond.

Miles City, MT (Miles City Town & Country Club) – Junior Camps/Programs
We did use the $1,500 to buy sets of junior clubs and some golf balls for the juniors to use next season as we will host more camps.

Superior, MT (Superior School) – Physical Education Golf program
We really appreciate the opportunity to get equipment for advancing golf in Superior schools. Our hope is to increase play and love of the game to help to sustain the future of golf in our impoverished county.

Trout Creek, MT (Trout Creek School) – Middle School program/Team
We have purchased different size sets of clubs for students to use and we will be starting to do golf activities in PE. In the spring (@ April) we will begin practice for those wanting to be on our golf team. THANK YOU for providing this opportunity!!

Bozeman, MT (Cottonwood Hills Golf Course) – Junior Golf Programs Ages 4-17
Because of the generous funding provided by this MSGA junior grant, we were able to achieve two of our main objectives that we set at the beginning of the year. The first objective was to provide affordable equipment to junior golfers in our area. We used part of the $750 grant that we received to purchase sets of clubs from U.S. Kids golf. These sets of clubs were dedicated to our season-long rental program for kids. Kids were able to rent a set for the season for anywhere between $25 and $75 (depending on size and number of clubs). Kids were free to use these sets as much as they want and all they have to due is turn them in by the end of the season. In total, we had seven sets of clubs; five that we purchased with last year’s funds and two that we purchased with this year’s funds. Only one of the sets was not rented this year, meaning that we provided six kids with golf clubs for the season. The second objective we were able to meet was to provide fun activities for all level of junior golfers. Using the remaining funds, we purchased items from SNAG golf, incuding flagsticks, a sticky suit, and a chipping target. We used these materials during our family fun day, junior academy, and junior drop-in clinics. The sticky suit was especially fun for the junior golfers and seemed to get a lot of them excited about golf! We are very thankful that the MSGA provided us with these funds, and hope to continue our partnership.

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