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The MSGA is pleased to announce a free digital Golf World subscription for all online members!
How it works:
If you've never used the online system before, follow the instructions below to log in, and you'll be prompted to put in your e-mail address for the subscription.  Enjoy!
How to log in:
Use the Member Login box on this page.
For first-time users to the online system:
Your User Name is your Network # (if you don't know your #, see below *).
Your Password is montana (in all lower case).
* To find your Network #, click here and search for your name. Click on your name to reveal your score history screen. Your Network # is located just below your name on the left side of the screen.
You will be prompted to change your User Name and Password the first time you log in.  Please update your Profile with your current e-mail address.  You should also change your Password Question/Answer.  (At the main menu, click on the Profile tab, then Edit Profile.  Be sure to save your changes.)
After you set up your account information online, you can use the same login information for the MSGA Smartphone App. You'll also need your MSGA login to register for the vTour Event Series.
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