Tournament Calendar

PLEASE NOTE: Tournaments are subject to any COVID-19 restrictions that might be in place at the time of play.
If in doubt, check with the host course to see if the tournament has been postponed or cancelled.

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04/11/2020 Guns & Golf Tournament Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
04/11/2020 MVJGA Fundraiser Cancelled Polson Bay GC (Polson)
04/18/2020 Masters Scramble Tournament Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
04/18/2020 Member/Member/Guest Laurel GC (Laurel)
04/20/2020 Senior Interclub Yellowstone CC (Billings) Men
04/21/2020 Shelby HS Triangular Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby) High School
04/24/2020 Shelby HS Invitational Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby) High School
04/25/2020 BHS Invitational Lakeview CC (Baker) High School
04/26/2020 Spring Kickoff Laurel GC (Laurel)
04/27/2020 Senior Interclub Laurel GC (Laurel) Men
04/27/2020 Shelby JV Invitational Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby) High School
04/30/2020 St. Regis High School Tourney Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
05/01/2020 Missoula Chamber 'Red Ripper' Tournament Missoula CC (Missoula)
05/02/2020 Cinco De Mayo Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
05/02/2020 Run for the Roses Kentucky Derby Airport GC (Wolf Point)
05/02/2020 Stockman Bank Scramble Eaglerock GC (Billings)
05/03/2020 Demo Day Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
05/04/2020 Cinco De Mayo/Kentucky Derby Golf Tourney Lakeview CC (Baker)
05/04/2020 Senior Interclub Hilands GC (Billings) Men
05/05/2020 Ladies Kickoff Laurel GC (Laurel) Women
05/07/2020 Divisional HS Tournament Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby) High School
05/08/2020 First Tee Open Fore Youth Lake Hills GC (Billings)
05/08/2020 RMC Athletic Association Yegen GC (Billings)
05/08/2020 05/09/2020 Scratch Team-Up Laurel GC (Laurel) Men
05/09/2020 Spring Scramble Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
05/11/2020 Senior Interclub Lake Hills GC (Billings) Men
05/11/2020 05/12/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Match Play Champsionship Polson Bay GC (Polson)
05/12/2020 Men's US Open Qualifer Cancelled Missoula CC (Missoula)
05/15/2020 Big Sky Bird and Birdie The Briarwood GC (Billings)
05/15/2020 Montana Tech Scramble Lake Hills GC (Billings)
05/16/2020 Couples Open Laurel GC (Laurel) Mixed
05/16/2020 Eagle Mount Happy Caddie Cup Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
05/16/2020 Golf For Griz Mission Mountain GC (Ronan) Mixed
05/16/2020 Nick Triplett Memorial Tournament Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
05/16/2020 05/17/2020 The Ben Graham Postponed Cabinet View GC (Libby)
05/18/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Buffalo Hill GC (Kalispell) Men
05/18/2020 05/19/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Pro Hilands GC (Billings) Men
05/20/2020 Seniors Home & Home Laurel GC (Laurel)
05/22/2020 3rd Annual Griz Golf Tournament Laurel GC (Laurel) Mixed
05/22/2020 Montana Oil & Gas Golf Classic Scramble Plentywood GC (Plentywood) Mixed
05/22/2020 05/24/2020 Junior Camp Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka) Juniors
05/23/2020 Member Appreciation Laurel GC (Laurel)
05/23/2020 05/24/2020 Memorial Weekend Tournament Cottonwood CC (Glendive) Mixed
05/23/2020 05/25/2020 Barnett Memorial Tournament Missoula CC (Missoula) Mixed
05/24/2020 05/25/2020 Schneiter Memorial Lake Hills GC (Billings)
05/26/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Ladies Laurel GC (Laurel) Women
05/29/2020 Alberta Bair Classic Lake Hills GC (Billings)
05/29/2020 Bobcat Golf War The Briarwood GC (Billings)
05/29/2020 Yellowstone Christian College Fundraiser Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
05/29/2020 05/31/2020 Montana State Match Play Championship Bill Roberts GC (Helena)
05/30/2020 Independence Bank Maroon Airport GC (Wolf Point)
05/30/2020 Scott Reno Memorial Spring Kickoff Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
05/30/2020 St. Joseph's Hospital Scramble Cancelled Polson Bay GC (Polson)
05/30/2020 05/31/2020 PNWPGA Junior Championship Postponed OGA GC (Woodburn, OR) Juniors
05/30/2020 05/31/2020 Polson Bay Senior Open Polson Bay GC (Polson)
05/31/2020 2 Person Scramble Canyon River GC (Missoula)
06/01/2020 Junior Camp Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka) Juniors
06/01/2020 Montana State Junior Divisional District 4 Cancelled Lake Hills GC (Billings) Juniors
06/01/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Whitefish Lake GC (Whitefish) Men
06/01/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Hilands GC (Billings) Men
06/01/2020 Senior Interclub Eaglerock GC (Billings) Men
06/02/2020 Ladies Invitational Hilands GC (Billings) Women
06/03/2020 Junior Golf Tournament Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City) Juniors
06/03/2020 Montana State Junior Divisional District 5 Cancelled Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City) Juniors
06/04/2020 Optimist Zone Qualifier Lake Hills GC (Billings) Juniors
06/05/2020 Riverstone Health Hospice Golf Tournament More info Laurel GC (Laurel)
06/05/2020 Young Life Eaglerock GC (Billings)
06/05/2020 06/06/2020 Fins & Skins Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
06/06/2020 4 Person Scramble Stillwater GC (Columbus)
06/06/2020 Cole's Western Wishes Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
06/06/2020 Independence Bank/Nemont Scramble Scobey GC (Scobey)
06/06/2020 Trestle Creek Open Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
06/06/2020 06/07/2020 CVGC Memorial Cabinet View GC (Libby)
06/06/2020 06/07/2020 Glacier Bank 2 Person Better Ball Polson Bay GC (Polson)
06/07/2020 2 Lady Best Ball Canyon River GC (Missoula) Women
06/08/2020 Montana State Junior Divisional District 2 Cancelled Meadow Lark CC (Great Falls) Juniors
06/08/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Assistant Championship Rock Creek Cattle Co (Deer Lodge) Men
06/08/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Scholarship Pro-Am Laurel GC (Laurel) Men
06/08/2020 Senior Interclub The Briarwood GC (Billings) Men
06/09/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Ladies Yellowstone CC (Billings) Women
06/11/2020 Explorer Academy Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
06/11/2020 Fireman's Open Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
06/12/2020 2 Man Par 3 Airport GC (Wolf Point)
06/12/2020 Home Builders Association Toolbelts Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
06/12/2020 KSEN Farm and Ranch Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
06/12/2020 Roberts Community Foundation Yegen GC (Billings)
06/12/2020 Western Ranch Supply Eaglerock GC (Billings)
06/12/2020 06/14/2020 Ladies Bud Light Forsyth CC (Forsyth) Women
06/12/2020 06/14/2020 Lake City Open Polson Bay GC (Polson)
06/13/2020 Big Sky Ski Education Foundation Big Sky GC (Big Sky)
06/13/2020 Bozeman Hawk Benefit Tournament Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman) Mixed
06/13/2020 Bulldog Blitz Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
06/13/2020 EFMGA Open Eagle Falls GC (Great Falls) Men
06/13/2020 Mammo Whammo Tournament Lakeview CC (Baker) Women
06/13/2020 06/14/2020 2 Man Best Ball Fundraiser Airport GC (Wolf Point)
06/13/2020 06/14/2020 287 Mad-waters Challenge Madison Meadows GC (Ennis)
06/14/2020 Dick Seddon Memorial Scramble Buffalo Hill GC (Kalispell)
06/15/2020 County Juniors Eaglerock GC (Billings) Juniors
06/15/2020 First Security Bank Junior Golf Tour More info Big Sky GC (Big Sky) Juniors
06/15/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Polson Bay GC (Polson) Men
06/15/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Riverside CC (Bozeman) Men
06/15/2020 Senior Interclub Overland GC (Big Timber) Men
06/15/2020 Skip Koprivica HS Fundraiser Missoula CC (Missoula) Mixed
06/16/2020 Missoula Junior Golf Tour More info Larchmont GC (Missoula) Juniors
06/16/2020 Polson Junior Camp Polson Bay GC (Polson) Juniors
06/16/2020 St. Vincent Healthcare Fortin Memorial Yellowstone CC (Billings) Women
06/16/2020 Wacky Women's Tournament Cancelled Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman) Women
06/16/2020 06/19/2020 CSGA High School Academy Missoula CC (Missoula) Juniors
06/17/2020 Montana State Junior Divisional District 1 Cancelled Whitefish Lake GC (Whitefish) Juniors
06/17/2020 Polson Women's Golf Invitational Tournament Polson Bay GC (Polson) Women
06/18/2020 Montana State Junior Divisional District 3 Cancelled Riverside CC (Bozeman) Juniors
06/18/2020 Super Valu Lake Hills GC (Billings)
06/18/2020 06/19/2020 Polson Junior Camp Polson Bay GC (Polson) Juniors
06/19/2020 Border States Golfing for a Cure Lake Hills GC (Billings)
06/19/2020 06/21/2020 Men's Rocky Mountain Oyster Forsyth CC (Forsyth) Men
06/20/2020 Mineral County Chamber Tournament Cancelled Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
06/20/2020 Pitch, Putt, & Drive Polson Bay GC (Polson) Juniors
06/20/2020 Ryder Cup vs Glasgow (Women) Airport GC (Wolf Point) Women
06/20/2020 Ryder Cup vs Wolf Point (Men) Sunnyside GC (Glasgow) Men
06/20/2020 06/21/2020 Men's Roundup 2 Man Best Ball Plentywood GC (Plentywood) Men
06/20/2020 06/21/2020 Oilfield More info Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
06/20/2020 06/21/2020 Rock Chuck Pryor Creek GC (Huntley) Men
06/21/2020 Father's Day Scramble Polson Bay GC (Polson) Mixed
06/21/2020 Parent Child Laurel GC (Laurel) Mixed
06/22/2020 County Juniors Pryor Creek GC (Huntley) Juniors
06/22/2020 First Security Bank Junior Golf Tour More info Riverside CC (Bozeman) Juniors
06/22/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Missoula CC (Missoula) Men
06/22/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Bridger Creek GC (Bozeman) Men
06/22/2020 Senior Interclub Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings) Men
06/22/2020 06/23/2020 Montana State Junior Championship Leaderboard Polson Bay GC (Polson) Juniors
06/22/2020 06/23/2020 Par Tee Yellowstone CC (Billings) Women
06/23/2020 Missoula Junior Golf Tour More info The Highlands GC (Missoula) Juniors
06/23/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Ladies Riverside CC (Bozeman) Women
06/24/2020 County Juniors Yegen GC (Billings) Juniors
06/24/2020 Ladies Invitational Buffalo Hill GC (Kalispell) Women
06/24/2020 06/25/2020 RMSPGA Junior Championship More info Preston G&CC (Preston, ID) Juniors
06/25/2020 Junior Optimist Pre-Qualifier More info Eagle Falls GC (Great Falls) Juniors
06/26/2020 Chamber of Commerce The Briarwood GC (Billings)
06/26/2020 City of Champions Lake Hills GC (Billings)
06/26/2020 Optimist Club Shoot for Youth Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
06/26/2020 Quad Cup Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
06/26/2020 06/27/2020 Cowtown Roundup Tournament Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City)
06/26/2020 06/27/2020 Lewistown Charity Golf Classic Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
06/26/2020 06/28/2020 Jamboree Laurel GC (Laurel) Men
06/27/2020 Chrome Bar Stillwater GC (Columbus)
06/27/2020 Ladies Bash The Briarwood GC (Billings) Women
06/27/2020 ECCS 9 Hole Scramble Fundraiser Madison Meadows GC (Ennis)
06/27/2020 Eekhoff Memorial Tournament Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman)
06/27/2020 NEMHS Charitable Foundation Airport GC (Wolf Point)
06/27/2020 Tiny's Tavern Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
06/27/2020 VFW Post 1634 Fundraiser Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings)
06/27/2020 06/28/2020 Hitchcock Memorial Best Ball Butte CC (Butte)
06/27/2020 06/28/2020 State Couples Scramble Meadow Lark CC (Great Falls) Mixed
06/29/2020 County Juniors Hilands GC (Billings) Juniors
06/29/2020 First Security Bank Junior Golf Tour More info Bridger Creek GC (Bozeman) Juniors
06/29/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Juniors Village Greens GC (Kalispell) Juniors
06/29/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am The Briarwood GC (Billings) Men
06/29/2020 Senior Interclub Red Lodge Mountain GC (Red Lodge) Men
06/30/2020 Missoula Junior Golf Tour More info The Ranch Club (Missoula) Juniors
06/30/2020 Swinging For A Cure Laurel GC (Laurel) Women
07/02/2020 07/05/2020 Eclectic Laurel GC (Laurel)
07/04/2020 Fallon County Days Tournament Lakeview CC (Baker)
07/04/2020 Firecracker Open Big Sky GC (Big Sky)
07/04/2020 Red, White, & Blue Airport GC (Wolf Point)
07/04/2020 Red, White, & Boom Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
07/04/2020 Red/White/Blue Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
07/05/2020 The Day After Shotgun Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
07/06/2020 11:45 Club Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
07/06/2020 County Juniors The Briarwood GC (Billings) Juniors
07/06/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Ladies Glacier View GC (West Glacier) Women
07/06/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman) Men
07/07/2020 Ladies Invitational Cancelled Deer Park GC (Deer Lodge) Women
07/07/2020 Ladies Rock Chuck Pryor Creek GC (Huntley) Women
07/07/2020 Missoula Junior Golf Tour More info University of Montana GC (Missoula) Juniors
07/07/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Associates Championship TBA (Flathead area)
07/08/2020 07/09/2020 RMSPGA Yellowstone Junior Championship More info Lake Hills GC (Billings) Juniors
07/09/2020 MLCC Ladies Invitational Meadow Lark CC (Great Falls) Women
07/09/2020 Tough Enough to Wear Pink Airport GC (Wolf Point) Women
07/09/2020 07/11/2020 Roundup Yellowstone CC (Billings) Men
07/10/2020 2-M Laurel GC (Laurel) Mixed
07/10/2020 All Class Reunion Scramble Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby) Mixed
07/10/2020 County Juniors Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings) Juniors
07/10/2020 Drive, Chip, & Putt Qualifier Cancelled Canyon River GC (Missoula) Juniors
07/10/2020 Huntley Project Museum Fundraising Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
07/10/2020 Night Golf Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
07/10/2020 Star Service Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
07/10/2020 07/11/2020 Stanton Memorial Lakeview CC (Baker)
07/11/2020 Littles Lanes Bowlf Event Hickory Swing GC (Great Falls)
07/11/2020 Mixed Couples Forsyth CC (Forsyth) Mixed
07/11/2020 Pepsi Tournament Stillwater GC (Columbus)
07/11/2020 Tailgate Bar and Grill Cancelled Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
07/11/2020 VVGC Ladies Open Valley View GC (Bozeman) Women
07/11/2020 07/12/2020 Jubilee Laurel GC (Laurel) Women
07/11/2020 07/12/2020 Miller Lite Men's Invitational Anaconda CC (Anaconda) Men
07/13/2020 Big Brothers Big Sisters Celebrity Golf Tournament Big Sky GC (Big Sky) Mixed
07/13/2020 BSSG Lake Hills GC (Billings) Juniors
07/13/2020 First Security Bank Junior Golf Tour More info Valley View GC (Bozeman) Juniors
07/13/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Old Works GC (Anaconda) Men
07/13/2020 Senior Interclub Powell GC (Powell, WY) Men
07/14/2020 Missoula Junior Golf Tour More info Canyon River GC (Missoula) Juniors
07/14/2020 07/17/2020 CSGA Junior Academy Missoula CC (Missoula) Juniors
07/16/2020 07/18/2020 Men's State & Senior Amateur Championships See below Yellowstone CC (Billings) Men
STATE AM - Leaderboard
SENIOR AM - Leaderboard
07/17/2020 Radio Billings YWCA Fundraiser Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
07/17/2020 07/18/2020 Pat Harrison Shots and Strokes Lakeview CC (Baker)
07/17/2020 07/19/2020 Junior Camp Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka) Juniors
07/17/2020 07/19/2020 The Cannonball Scobey GC (Scobey) Men
07/18/2020 Big Sky State Games Yegen GC (Billings)
07/18/2020 Cripple Creek 4 Person Scramble Hickory Swing GC (Great Falls)
07/18/2020 Custer Schools Fundraiser Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
07/18/2020 Digger Open Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
07/18/2020 Lights and Sirens Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
07/18/2020 Marias Mixer Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
07/18/2020 Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation Scramble Plentywood GC (Plentywood) Mixed
07/18/2020 Wolf Point Women's Tournament Airport GC (Wolf Point) Women
07/18/2020 07/19/2020 2 Man Tournament Stillwater GC (Columbus)
07/18/2020 07/19/2020 DAV 5th Annual Golf Scramble More info Bill Roberts GC (Helena)
07/18/2020 07/19/2020 Seniors Tournament Cancelled Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
07/19/2020 Alice Ritzman Scramble Buffalo Hill GC (Kalispell) Women
07/20/2020 County Juniors Laurel GC (Laurel) Juniors
07/20/2020 First Security Bank Junior Golf Tour More info Headwaters GC (Three Forks) Juniors
07/20/2020 First Security Bank Junior Golf Tour More info Madison Meadows GC (Ennis) Juniors
07/20/2020 Match Play Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
07/20/2020 Men's US Amateur Qualifier Cancelled The Ranch Club (Missoula) Men
07/20/2020 07/23/2020 Girls Junior America's Cup Cancelled Banbury GC (Eagle, ID) Juniors
07/20/2020 07/26/2020 Where The Stillwater Gives (Virtual) Stillwater GC (Columbus)
07/21/2020 Ladies Whack-n-Hack Forsyth CC (Forsyth) Women
07/21/2020 Missoula Junior Golf Tour More info Linda Vista GC (Missoula) Juniors
07/21/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Ladies Hilands GC (Billings) Women
07/22/2020 Jerhoff Senior Member Guest Hilands GC (Billings) Men
07/22/2020 07/23/2020 RMSPGA Gallatin Valley Junior Championship More info Bridger Creek GC (Bozeman) Juniors
07/23/2020 Chamber of Commerce Scramble Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown) Mixed
07/23/2020 Junior Optimist Qualifier More info Lake Hills GC (Billings) Juniors
07/23/2020 07/25/2020 Tangle The Briarwood GC (Billings) Men
07/23/2020 07/25/2020 The Lark Meadow Lark CC (Great Falls)
07/23/2020 07/25/2020 Women's State & Senior Amateur Championships, Mid-Am Championship See below Riverside CC (Bozeman) Women
STATE AM - Leaderboard
MID AM - Leaderboard
SENIOR AM - Leaderboard
07/24/2020 Big Huddle Eaglerock GC (Billings)
07/24/2020 County Juniors Yellowstone CC (Billings) Juniors
07/24/2020 Landon's Legacy Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
07/24/2020 Pack the Hills in Pink Lake Hills GC (Billings)
07/25/2020 AAU Youth Golf Tournament Airport GC (Wolf Point) Juniors
07/25/2020 BAHL Centennial Ice Arena Fundraiser Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
07/25/2020 Bobcat Scramble Polson Bay GC (Polson) Mixed
07/25/2020 Dickinson State Blue Hawk Scramble Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City) Mixed
07/25/2020 ISR Glow Ball Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
07/25/2020 07/26/2020 Marias Valley Open Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
07/25/2020 07/26/2020 Member/Member Laurel GC (Laurel)
07/25/2020 07/26/2020 Men's Club Championship Lake Hills GC (Billings) Men
07/27/2020 First Security Bank Junior Golf Tour Finale More info Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman) Juniors
07/27/2020 Missoula Junior Golf Tour Championship More info Missoula CC (Missoula) Juniors
07/27/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Valley View GC (Bozeman) Men
07/27/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Butte CC (Butte) Men
07/27/2020 Ronald McDonald Yellowstone CC (Billings)
07/27/2020 07/30/2020 Boys Junior America's Cup Cancelled Genoa Lakes GC (Genoa, NV) Juniors
07/28/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Ladies Valley View GC (Bozeman) Women
07/30/2020 08/01/2020 Governors Cup More info Buffalo Hill, Eagle Bend, Meadow Lake
07/31/2020 Drive By Night Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
07/31/2020 Hiland's Swing Hilands GC (Billings) Women
07/31/2020 Ron Nistler Educators Memorial Eaglerock GC (Billings)
07/31/2020 Todd Teegarden Scholarship Yegen GC (Billings)
07/31/2020 08/01/2020 2 Man Best Ball Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
08/01/2020 Bud Light Scramble Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City)
08/01/2020 Lakeview Ladies Open Lakeview CC (Baker) Women
08/01/2020 08/02/2020 Ron Godbout Coca-Cola Classic Butte CC (Butte)
08/01/2020 08/02/2020 State 2 Man Best Ball Eagle Falls GC (Great Falls) Men
08/02/2020 Junior Camp Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka) Juniors
08/02/2020 Pioneer Days Cancelled Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
08/03/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Meadow Lark CC (Great Falls) Men
08/03/2020 Senior Interclub Pryor Creek GC (Huntley) Men
08/03/2020 08/04/2020 Montana Cup Black Bull (Bozeman) Men
08/04/2020 Eagle Falls Ladies Club Invitational Eagle Falls GC (Great Falls) Women
08/04/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Ladies Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman) Women
08/04/2020 08/06/2020 Men's State Senior Championship Cancelled Missoula (Canyon River, Larchmont, The Ranch Club) Men
TBA Montana-Alberta Junior Ryder Cup Cancelled TBA Juniors
08/06/2020 08/08/2020 Hiland's Fling Hilands GC (Billings) Men
08/07/2020 Billings BSHS Workhorse Elite Yegen GC (Billings)
08/07/2020 Ronald McDonald House Tournament Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City)
08/07/2020 Vietnam Veterans Tournament Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman)
08/07/2020 Wine & Nine Rally For A Cure Stillwater GC (Columbus) Couples
08/07/2020 08/08/2020 Baker Oilfield Open Lakeview CC (Baker) Mixed
08/07/2020 08/08/2020 FPCC 4 Person Scramble Airport GC (Wolf Point)
08/08/2020 3.2.5 Bar and Grill Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
08/08/2020 Hawaiian Open Big Sky GC (Big Sky)
08/08/2020 Oilmen's Classic Eaglerock GC (Billings)
08/08/2020 Rocky Peterson Tournament Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
08/08/2020 Ronnie Miller Memorial Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
08/08/2020 TCHF Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
08/08/2020 08/09/2020 Club Championship Laurel GC (Laurel)
08/10/2020 A Waiting Child Golf Classic Yellowstone CC (Billings)
08/10/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Canyon River GC (Missoula) Men
08/10/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Lake Hills GC (Billings) Men
08/10/2020 Silver Dollar Scramble Madison Meadows GC (Ennis)
08/11/2020 Ladies Invite Pryor Creek GC (Huntley) Women
08/12/2020 Helen Tremper Women's Invitational Missoula CC (Missoula) Women
08/13/2020 Senior Interclub Yegen GC (Billings) Men
08/13/2020 08/15/2020 Men's State Mid-Amateur Championship See below Laurel GC (Laurel) Men
MID AM - Leaderboard
08/14/2020 Associated Foods Lake Hills GC (Billings)
08/14/2020 Erickson Charity Tournament Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman)
08/14/2020 MLCC Charity Scramble Meadow Lark CC (Great Falls)
08/14/2020 Ram Scramble Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
08/14/2020 08/16/2020 Club Championship Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
08/14/2020 08/16/2020 Kootenai Kup Event Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
08/15/2020 Pep Rally Scramble Plentywood GC (Plentywood)
08/15/2020 World's Toughest Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
08/15/2020 08/16/2020 Couples Tournament Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City) Mixed
08/16/2020 Fallon County Fair Scramble Lakeview CC (Baker)
08/16/2020 St. Thomas Church Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
08/17/2020 Ladies Pronghorn Lake Hills GC (Billings) Women
08/17/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Meadow Lake GC (Columbia Falls) Men
08/17/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Powell GC (Powell, WY) Men
08/19/2020 Ladies Invitational Anaconda CC (Anaconda) Women
08/21/2020 Billings Clinic (Ladies) Laurel GC (Laurel) Women
08/21/2020 Central High 50th Class Reunion Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings)
08/21/2020 CTA Fall Classic Eaglerock GC (Billings)
08/21/2020 Fore Our Youth Yegen GC (Billings)
08/21/2020 Montana Rail Link Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
08/21/2020 West High 50th Class Reunion Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings)
08/22/2020 Equipment Fundraiser Cabinet View GC (Libby)
08/22/2020 Huntley Project Schools Fundraiser Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
08/22/2020 Manhattan Christian School Tournament Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman) Mixed
08/22/2020 Pioneer Scramble Town & CC of Miles City (Miles City)
08/22/2020 Senior High 50th Class Reunion Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings)
08/22/2020 Stanford Open Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
08/22/2020 Valley Bank Scholarship Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
08/22/2020 08/23/2020 2 Man Classic Madison Meadows GC (Ennis)
08/22/2020 08/23/2020 Big Sky Open / Club Championship Big Sky GC (Big Sky)
08/22/2020 08/23/2020 Club Championship Stillwater GC (Columbus)
08/22/2020 08/23/2020 MCC Couples' Chapman Missoula CC (Missoula) Mixed
08/22/2020 08/23/2020 Men's and Women's State Four-Ball Championship (Two-Person Best Ball) Cancelled Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby) Mixed
08/23/2020 Ladies Triad Eaglerock GC (Billings) Women
08/24/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am Northern Pines GC (Kalispell) Men
08/24/2020 SNOFOG TBA Men
08/28/2020 Billings Clinic (Open) Laurel GC (Laurel) Mixed
08/28/2020 Night Flight Tourney Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
08/29/2020 Club Championship Airport GC (Wolf Point)
08/29/2020 Club Championship Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
08/30/2020 Men's Triad Eaglerock GC (Billings) Men
08/30/2020 Mike Pulse Memorial Stillwater GC (Columbus)
08/31/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Scholarship Pro-Am Yellowstone CC (Billings) Men
08/31/2020 09/01/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Championship Whitefish Lake GC (Whitefish) Men
09/01/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Ladies Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings) Women
09/03/2020 AJGA Qualifier More info Big Sky GC (Big Sky) Juniors
09/04/2020 Boys and Girls Club Yellowstone CC (Billings)
09/04/2020 Breakfast Exchange Million $ Hole in One Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings)
09/04/2020 09/07/2020 AJGA Junior Tournament More info Big Sky GC (Big Sky) Juniors
09/05/2020 Labor Day Weekend Tournament Cottonwood CC (Glendive)
09/05/2020 Legends (50+) Scramble Airport GC (Wolf Point)
09/05/2020 Night Flyer Stillwater GC (Columbus)
09/05/2020 09/06/2020 Coors Light Two Person Challenge Anaconda CC (Anaconda)
09/05/2020 09/06/2020 Kabinski Klassik Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
09/05/2020 09/07/2020 Labor Day Tournament Buffalo Hill GC (Kalispell)
09/05/2020 09/07/2020 Miller Lite Labor Day Classic Butte CC (Butte)
09/06/2020 09/07/2020 Labor Day Scramble Lake Hills GC (Billings)
09/11/2020 Habitat for Humanity Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
09/12/2020 ISR Putt Off Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
09/12/2020 Laurel Cup Matches Laurel GC (Laurel)
09/12/2020 Medical Foundation Tournament Cancelled Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
09/12/2020 09/13/2020 Club Championship Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
09/12/2020 09/13/2020 Gallatin Valley Open Cottonwood Hills GC (Bozeman)
09/12/2020 09/13/2020 Great Falls Mens City Golf Championship Eagle Falls GC (Great Falls) Men
09/12/2020 09/13/2020 Member/Guest Tournament Lakeview CC (Baker) Men
09/12/2020 09/13/2020 Yellowstone Ladies County Am Lake Hills GC (Billings) Women
09/13/2020 Gordy's/Club 90 Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings)
09/13/2020 Tavern Assoc Tournament Stillwater GC (Columbus)
09/13/2020 West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation Big Sky GC (Big Sky)
09/14/2020 Brewery Follies Scramble Madison Meadows GC (Ennis)
09/14/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) Pro-Am The Ranch Club (Missoula)
09/14/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Pro-Am Hilands GC (Billings) Men
09/18/2020 High School Invitational Laurel GC (Laurel) Juniors
09/18/2020 Missoula Education Foundation Scramble Missoula CC (Missoula)
09/19/2020 Fall Classic Laurel GC (Laurel)
09/19/2020 Ice House Open Big Sky GC (Big Sky)
09/19/2020 Jim & Pat Halverson Memorial Greenskeeper Airport GC (Wolf Point)
09/19/2020 Meschke Memorial Lakeview CC (Baker)
09/19/2020 MT Textile Service Assn Stillwater GC (Columbus)
09/19/2020 Toys For Tots Polson Bay GC (Polson)
09/19/2020 09/20/2020 ISR Club Championship Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
09/19/2020 09/20/2020 Yellowstone Mens County Am Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings) Men
09/20/2020 CASA Scramble Polson Bay GC (Polson)
09/20/2020 Ladies Tournament of Champions Lake Hills GC (Billings) Women
09/20/2020 Trinity Lutheran Pryor Creek GC (Huntley)
09/22/2020 09/24/2020 PNWPGA Professional Championship Canyon River GC (Missoula)
09/26/2020 Ironman Open Big Sky GC (Big Sky)
09/26/2020 Woods Power Grip Stillwater GC (Columbus)
09/26/2020 09/27/2020 September Challenge Mission Mountain GC (Ronan)
09/27/2020 Canyon River's Toughest Canyon River GC (Missoula)
09/27/2020 09/29/2020 MHSA AA State Tournament Missoula CC (Missoula) High School
09/28/2020 09/29/2020 RMSPGA (YC) Championship TBD Men
09/29/2020 Montana Hospital Association Lake Hills GC (Billings)
10/03/2020 1st Annual Pine Meadows GC (Lewistown)
10/03/2020 13th Annual Iron Man Eaglerock GC (Billings)
10/03/2020 Mission Impossible Laurel GC (Laurel)
10/03/2020 Octoberfest Trestle Creek GC (St. Regis)
10/03/2020 Oktoberfest Marias Valley G&CC (Shelby)
10/03/2020 Oktoberfest (Big Cup Event) Indian Springs Ranch GC (Eureka)
10/03/2020 Smoke & Stroke Airport GC (Wolf Point)
10/04/2020 Die Hard Tournament Cottonwood CC (Glendive)
10/04/2020 Gene Schwartz Memorial Exchange City Par 3 GC (Billings)
10/04/2020 World's Toughest GC Polson Bay GC (Polson)
10/05/2020 Cellular Plus Legion Baseball Yellowstone CC (Billings)
10/05/2020 10/06/2020 PNWPGA (WMC) 2020 Dowaliby Cup Whitefish Lake GC (Whitefish) Men

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